V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint in Pink Posies

I got some beauty loot from V&M Naturals for review late last year. Since my dresser is already overflowing with make-up, I had to do a bit of spring cleaning yesterday before I could unpack these new additions.

V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint
I got 5g pots of mineral eyeshadows, blush, foundation, and powder as well as a tube of V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint. Since my skin is dry right now, I’m not too inclined to use powder-based make-up. That said, I decided to start with the V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint.
V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint

I got V&M Lip Butter Tint in the shade Pink Posies. There are three other shades: Cherry Berry, Wine Pearl, and Salmon Peach.

V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint

When I opened the tube I thought there was a plastic film over the lip butter but there actually wasn’t. It’s just naturally shiny that way.

V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint
My limited experience with mineral make-up has left me with the impression that pigmentation isn’t so good since I usually end up using a lot of product before the colors appear. Not so with this lip butter tint. I swatched some on my arm and wow, I was surprised at how vibrant it was. It’s like lipstick!
V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint
Though it looked uber bright on my arm, it’s actually more natural looking when applied on the lips. Photos above show how my lips look before and after application.

…and this is how it looks when under the sunlight. It’s more pink, making it live up to its name Pink Posies.

V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint
…and this is how it looks under the fluorescent lights of my bathroom.
V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint
Trying to remove the lip butter tint again demonstrates just how pigmented it is.
What I like about V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint:
  • It can be used as lipstick thanks to the high level of pigmentation.
  • It’s free from harmful chemicals as it’s made only from natural oils (Emu oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, etc.).
  • Can double as a cheek tint (although I did not attempt to try because my cheeks are already too red as is).
  • Moisturizes and protects lips from the sun with SPF 15.
Downside? It’s a bit hard to remove because the color really stays with your lips. My lips were still reddish even after I wiped them down with tissue and a bit of make-up remover. I liked the effect though so for me it’s not really a negative factor because my lips looked naturally rosy.

V&M Naturals Lip Butter Tint cost a reasonable P185 per tube. You can buy them online at http://www.vnmnaturals.com/. You can also check out Venus and Mars Botanicals on Facebook.

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