Easy cooking with SEARA Chicken

I don’t like cooking chicken… well, whole chicken. I find it very intimidating especially as I do not have a helper. That said, I usually just buy chicken breast fillets, much to my hubby and son’s dismay. They are thigh and drumstick people after all. As for me, I’ve always preferred white meat. But I’m the only one who cooks here so they don’t really have a say in the matter.

Seara ChickenLucky for them SEARA sent over some frozen chicken for me to try. Wow, they come in ever-so-convenient forms, like this SEARA Frozen Chicken Boneless Leg Kakuguri. These are also known as Japanese poultry cubes, deboned skin-on or skinless chicken leg meat.

Seara ChickenThis is SEARA’s take on the Japanese poultry cube. The chicken come in more or less same sized boneless pieces. They’re pristine — no need to clean, all you need to do is get cooking!

Seara ChickenThey’re skin-on too, so they’re perfect for frying.

Seara ChickenThe first dish I cooked with SEARA Chicken is Damn Delicious’ Easy Thai Chicken. The recipe requires skin-on chicken thighs, but I thought these skin-on leg meat cubes would be a good substitute.

Seara ChickenWhat do you know, it worked! SEARA chicken came out really tender and juicy. There were no bones so it was easy to clean up after eating.

Seara ChickenThe other dish I cooked with SEARA chicken was Tasty’s Japanese Popcorn Chicken Karaage. I lighty drizzled some lemon juice on the chicken and served it with Korean pepper mayo with nori on the side. It was good but I wanted it crunchier so I made some adjustments the next time I cooked it.

Seara ChickenThis batch I dumped in kamote flour and then double fried. Anyway, both versions tasted great. I love working with SEARA chicken… it’s so convenient! You just open a pack and cook, no more drama. There are actually other variants like whole chicken, chicken breasts, chicken leg sticks, etc. All I can say is wow, I don’t think I’ll go back to the usual since this is incredibly convenient for someone with no helper.

SEARA chicken is available at Alternatives Food Corp. You can order by e-mailing afcsales@alternatives.ph. They are also the distributor of Snake River Farms steaks and Niman Ranch bacon, so you can order those from them too.

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