Why Snake River Farms Wagyu Steaks are worth it

Hubby and I have been pondering on trying Snake River Farms Wagyu Steaks whenever we see them at S&R. They’re pretty pricey at P1,399 and up (depending on the cut and grade) per 300g-350g piece. I’m just afraid I’d botch up cooking them and therefore waste our money. I say this because we had bought another brand of steaks at S&R before (cheaper local brand) and they came out so tough after I cooked them. They were so hard to eat.

Snake River Farms SteakAnyhow, I got over my fears and finally tried cooking Snake River Farms Wagyu Ribeye Steaks. We tried Black Grade and Gold Grade. There’s a few hundred pesos difference between the two in terms of price.

Snake River Farms SteakSnake River Farms Wagyu Steaks are already packed in olive oil and salt so they need minimal seasoning. I cooked them in butter and garlic as I wanted to taste the meat itself and not the extra stuff added.

Snake River Farms SteakWow! It wasn’t hard cooking the Snake River Farms Gold Grade Wagyu Ribeye at all. I was able to achieve a perfect medium doneness with minimal effort!

Snake River Farms SteakI also tried cooking the less expensive Snake River Farms Black Grade Wagyu Ribeye.

Snake River Farms SteakIt was a thicker slice compared to the Gold Grade one.

Snake River Farms SteakEven so, it was just as easy to cook to perfection! I don’t really like bloody steaks so I aim for medium most of the time.

Snake River Farms SteakSurprisingly, everyone thought the Black Grade steak was juicier and better-tasting. They even suggested that maybe I switched steaks. I said no way, I documented the entire cooking process in photos for this blog post, lol.

Snake River Farms SteakThis looks well done but it’s still actually medium, the meat was reddish pink inside. I just seared the outer portions hence the appearance.

The verdict? Wow, we’re so blown away by these steaks. They’re super tender, buttery, and nearly impossible to ruin by cooking (unless you burn them). I love how you can experience premium quality steak without having to dine out! Sure, these are pricier than ordinary but considering we once paid P17k at a steakhouse, this is very very reasonable.

Snake River Farms Wagy Steaks are available at S&R Membership Shopping. If you need to buy in bulk, you can try to contact the distributor https://www.alternatives.ph/.

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