That Pearly Korean Hair Clip is on Shopee!

I’m always shopping (or selling) on Shopee. One time I was looking for stuff to buy I did a search for “hair clip”. Lo and behold, these pearly things appeared. I’ve seen them being sold on Instagram for P250 to P350 a piece. A handful of influencers were also modeling the hell out of them… so I knew they were somehow trending. Most refer to these as “Korean hair clip”. I’m guessing because they’ve been worn on K-Dramas?

Korean Hair ClipAnyhow, I bought 3 pearly hair clips from a Shopee seller based in China a couple of months ago. The seller name was and the clips cost P70 a piece. My orders arrived a little over a week after I ordered them. I thought I had gotten a good deal. I have friends who have bought such clips for P100 to P150 a piece. I’ve also been told that these are available in Divisoria and Tutuban for around P30 a piece. No offense but given how DIFFICULT it is to go to both places, I would rather pay for shipping.

Korean Hair ClipThese are how the clips look from the back. Be warned that the metal parts tarnish easily… but it’s not really a big deal since they can’t be seen when worn.

Korean Hair ClipThe bad thing about buying early is you usually get whatever it is at a higher price. These are the current prices of the so-called Korean hair clips as sold by Binondo-based Shopee sellers. As you can see you can get them at P20 to P30 a piece, less than half the price I got them for. Shipping is cheaper too since they’re not coming from abroad.

Korean Hair ClipChina-based sellers have followed suit. The seller sells both the P9 to P33 and the P14 Korean hair clips on the screenshots above.

Sky Castle Episode 20I’ve been wondering which K-Dramas have the Korean hair clip. So far I’ve finished watching a total of 17 series and I’m currently watching my 18th. I’ve only ever seen such a clip worn by Ye-Seo on episode 20 of the K-Drama series Sky Castle.

Sky Castle Episode 20Ye-seo’s clip seems bigger and longer than the ones I got from Shopee though. It looks sturdier too. I wonder where I can get a clip that is actually from Korea? Everything in Shopee is from China.

Korean Hair ClipThis is the Korean hair clip from Shopee when worn.

Korean Hair ClipI like the way it looks but my problem with it is it doesn’t feel very secure. It doesn’t stay put and gradually slips down as time passes. I don’t know if it’s me, maybe I’m not wearing it correctly. At least you buy them dirt cheap now.

If you want these and/or other hair accessories, you can find a lot on Shopee. Just download the Shopee app from Google Play or the App Store and register for a free account. Use my referral code ANIME226 and get P100 off your first Shopee order — this is good for orders from ANY Shopee store. 🙂

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  • Reply julie tagum olleres May 21, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    wow ang cucute nmn ng clips

  • Reply Giselle Mendoza May 21, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    We are going to divisoria sa rgursday and I will look for these..ang cucute…

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