BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice!

Who wants BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice??? I swear, it gets hotter and hotter every summer. I don’t remember it being this oven-like when I was a little girl. These days, I get out of the house and I immediately feel the sun’s rays burning my skin. I can’t even bear to drink hot coffee when I wake up in the morning because I’m already sweating as soon as I get to the breakfast table.

Please do spare a minute to watch this BEAR BRAND dance video. Don’t you just wonder what they could be dancing about in this heat? You don’t see the product there but it’s actually BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice! Now who wouldn’t want a nice tall glass of icy choco milk right here right now?

Bear Brand ChocoIn the Lei household, we’ve always liked our drinks cold — water, milk, juice… you name it, we want it cold even during normal days. That said, I was very intrigued by BEAR BRAND Choco. That said, I was very excited to make myself a glass of BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice as soon as I got this!

Bear Brand ChocoI practically tore through the package, lol. Excited much!

Bear Brand ChocoIt’s so easy to prepare! Just mix 3 tablespoons of BEAR BRAND Choco Powder with 180ml water then add 2-3 ice cubes. You can use the free shaker if your BEAR BRAND Choco comes with it and shake it all together or you can just mix everything and drink. That’s it, you’re good to go!

You can also create other nutritious and delicious drinks with BEAR BRAND Choco, like the BEAR BRAND Ice Choco Banana Drink (there’s a recipe at the back of the box). You can pop all the ingredients into a blender and voila, you have your very own choco banana shake! There are so many ways to enjoy BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice, you’re limited only by your imagination. 🙂

Bear Brand ChocoNothing like a glass of BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice to beat the summer heat! Milky, chocolatey, it’s a nice and refreshing drink to cool off with in this scorching weather.

Ever since I watched the TVC, I’ve been LSS-ing “Choco na gatas na choco na may ice, gatas na choco na gatas na may ice”. Everyone can do the BEAR BRAND Choco with Ice dance — the young, the young at heart… why not give it a go and come up with your own YouTube video?! 😀

BEAR BRAND Choco is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. The suggested retail price of the 800g pack like the one I have above costs a little under P300.

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