Lee Hak Korean Restaurant

I noticed that there are a lot of cheap Korean eat-all-you can places in Quezon City, which is good (or bad since I’m trying to lose weight) because it means they are all in close proximity to me, hahaha!

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantOur latest eat-all-you-can Korean BBQ discovery is Lee Hak Legendary Korean Restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It’s located beside Jollibee near Pioneer Center Supermarket.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantHubby and I were driving around looking for a place to eat last Saturday night and found this place, which is surprisingly big.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantEach table is equipped with a charcoal grill and a vacuum-type exhaust like this one.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantWhat sets Lee Hak apart from other Korean eat-all-you-can places is the fact that aside from unlimited meats for grilling and banchan (Korean side dishes) which starts at P499 (there are different eat-all-you-can BBQ levels depending on the types of meat you choose but the basic beef + pork combo is P499), you order unlimited amounts of food from their menu of 50 or so dishes. They’re cooked as you order so everything is fresh and piping hot when they’re served. Click on their menu above for a closer look at their offerings. Hubby and I tried what we can but it’s not even 1/4 of what they have, lol! There’s a P300 leftover fee per person so make sure to order only what you can finish.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantMix Tempura

Nice and crisp, it’s all veggies though. We got kakiage (mixed vegetables), potatoes, and squash.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantSeafood Pancake

This is really yummy, the thin, soft, and chewy pancake is cooked with veggies and squid pieces. It’s also served with sauce on the side.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantAgedashi Tofu

Not so good. It’s very bland and tasteless, so don’t bother — order something else is our suggestion, haha!

Lee Hak Korean Restaurant Steamed Dumpling

Each order is comprised of two pieces. Tastes like steamed gyoza and yes they’re pretty good! There’s a fried version of this dish too.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantOkonomiyaki

Tastes like the Okonomiyaki that Japanese restaurants serve so it was okay. Unfortunately, my hubby refused to have any because he doesn’t like mayo and this was pretty drenched. Because I had to eat everything I didn’t feel so dandy afterwards hahaha. Suffice to say I’m not ordering this again unless someone shares it with me.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantOur meats arrived shortly after they started serving our cooked dishes. We had the basic P499 set which consists of Samgyeopsal (Organic Pork Belly in this resto, wow!) and Lee Hak Beef. The menu listed Sausage as one of the meats but we didn’t get any. We were already okay with Samgyeopsal and Lee Hak Beef so we didn’t ask about the Sausage anymore.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantThe charcoal grill cooks meat rather slowly but the staff was more than happy to assist us so it was fast-tracked. Lee Hak is a full-service resto and it’s usual for them to grill for you.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantThey also provide you with unlimited lettuce leaves to wrap your meats with. I forgot to take a photo when the basket was still full.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantAfter the meat was cooked, I wrapped the beef and pork in lettuce and added lots of doenjang (Korean soybean paste). Yummy! We were pretty happy with the quality of the meats.

Lee Hak Korean RestaurantMuch as I wanted to order more food, I was too stuffed to do so. After eating, you get a choice between coffee or Melona. We opted for Melona and there are four flavors to choose from: Melon, Banana, Strawberry, and Mango. I got Banana while hubby had Melon.

We had a nice and satisfying dinner at Lee Hak! We will definitely go back and try ordering the other dishes on the menu, lol! The place is big and spacious, parking is easy and free, plus they are open everyday including holidays — same price whether you go for lunch or dinner during weekdays and weekends. Service is excellent! The staff are very helpful, friendly, and efficient. I never had to ask for water because they would automatically refill my glass. They respond quickly to take your orders and serve them too.

Lee Hak Legendary Korean Restaurant is definitely one of the better eat-all-you-can Korean places in the metro. 😀

Lee Hak Legendary Korean Restaurant
8006 Pioneer Center cor. United St.,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
942-6508 / 584-3279

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