Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQ Review

It’s been a super stressful and tiring week. Our helper contracted dengue fever so on top of everything I do every day (work, deadlines, shuttle 2 kids to 2 different schools, and blog), I have to clean and do laundry. I’ve put cooking at home on hold because I really can’t handle the additional cleaning and waste disposal that goes with it. That said we have been eating out daily. It’s getting old. I just want to have a meal at home.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQAnyhow, in trying to make the best of the situation, we decided to just try Chaghan Gui, a newly opened Korean BBQ place nearby. They offer unlimited Korean BBQ like a lot of places, the difference is, it’s not crowded. The unlimited BBQ rate varies depending on the set you choose. We decided to go for Set B Beef Samgyup which costs P399 per person.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQEach table is equipped with a charcoal grill.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQTheir unlimited Korean BBQ comes with unlimited banchan (Korean side dishes). We got a total of 10 kinds. There was kimchi, onions in vinaigrette, sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, beancurd, garlic, etc.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQThey also provide lettuce leaves and vegetable sticks for wrapping the meat.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQThere’s also unlimited soup, rice, and 2 kinds of sauces — salted sesame oil and doenjang.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQSet B Beef Samgyup comes with unlimited beef. I think we were able to consume maybe 8-10 plates of beef.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQThis is how the table is set up.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQWe cooked the beef on the grill but we were later told we could also cook on the hot plate the grill is on.

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQThe quality of the beef ranges from average to a little below average, kind of random depending on what you’re served. If you happen to get thicker slices, it’s kind of hard to eat. The thinly sliced pieces are good though.

All in all we had a pretty okay unlimited Korean BBQ experience at Chaghan Gui. I think it’s great that it wasn’t crowded. Plus I liked the bright and neat interiors. It’s also not as smoky as the other places although we still smelled like BBQ afterwards. While Changhan Gui doesn’t have a buffet of short order dishes, it is actually better than Lee Hak for me. It’s a pretty no-frills Korean BBQ experience. Service is friendly and prompt, plus they keep very long hours — 11am to 3am.

Unlimited BBQ rates are as follows:

  • Set A Pork Samgyup P349
  • Set B Beef Samgyup P399
  • Set C All Pork P399
  • Set D All Pork and All Beef P499

Chaghan Gui Unlimited Korean BBQ
1235 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City (located on the ground floor of PGHI Hotel)

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    Sana may ganito rin dito sa amin. Gusto ko rin ma-experience

  • Reply Seoul in Timog Korean BBQ Buffet Review - Animetric's World September 4, 2018 at 10:51 am

    […] The meats are of decent quality. My kids remarked that they like this place better compared to the last Korean BBQ place we tried. […]

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