Sugarleaf Organic-All-You-Can Review

I’m always open to healthier alternatives. I’m also desperate to lose weight. So when I saw the ongoing deal at offering Sugarleaf’s Organic-All-You-Can vegetable buffet for 50% off I bought vouchers for hubby and myself right away. Instead of P400, I paid only P199 per person.

Sugarleaf GreenhillsAnd so we went to have lunch at Sugarleaf a couple of days ago. For the umpteenth time I forgot to read the fine print that redemption starts on Sept. 28 since the deal actually isn’t over yet. Lucky for us, the owner accommodated our vouchers anyway. The place is small and quaint, with green shelves and wooden floors in sync with the whole organic nature theme.

Sugarleaf GreenhillsOrganic-All-You-Can includes a complimentary bowl of soup. The soup for that day was polonchay and sayote. Not exactly the most appetizing thing to hear but we gave it a chance. It was surprisingly good and tasty. It was virtually free of sebo (oil or grease) too. I actually finished the whole bowl. There’s this nice clean feeling after you drink it.

Sugarleaf Organic All You Can
After the soup it was time for the main course. We got a big bowl of mixed greens then smaller bowls of cubed apples, walnuts, radish, bell peppers, carrots, prunes (or was it extra large raisins?), and three types of dressing — mango, blueberry, and some kind of vinaigrette in a bottle.

Sugarleaf GreenhillsGreen leaves — Romaine lettuce and lord knows what else… I’m not exactly a vegetable person.

Sugarleaf GreenhillsYey for these nice crunchy carrot bits!

Sugarleaf GreenhillsWalnuts and cubed apples too!

Sugarleaf GreenhillsOh we also got a bowl of cucumber pieces which I wasn’t able to include in the veggie group pic. So I mixed everything together in my plate and topped it with blueberry dressing. Later on I decided to use blueberry and mango dressing together. Yes, the salad was pretty good mainly because the veggies are fresh and the dressings are yummy. Hubby and I just finished one set. No refills. We couldn’t eat any more beyond the first set they laid out.

I thought I was going to go hungry a couple of hours later but the veggies actually kept me full till about 5pm (lunch was 12 noon).

BUT… yes there is a resounding BUT. Had I actually paid P400 for this I would’ve been sorely disappointed. Let’s just say that Sonya’s Garden serves a similar veggie buffet for P610 per person but there are a lot more veggies and fruits, a full assortment of breads and spreads, pasta, dessert, and drinks too… all bottomless! That said, P400 is simply way too overpriced for 8 kinds of veggies + fruits + nut and 3 types of dressing. I was also irked by something else. The server who took care of slicing our food had a very bad cold and was sniffling and coughing non-stop. She was always wiping her nose with her hands too… and there she was in the kitchen / food area preparing well… food. I had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that she was spreading germs all over our food. O_O

Anyway… I hope she gets well soon, and that next time staff who are obviously contagious are not allowed to handle food.

G/F Health Cube Building,
226 Wilson Street, San Juan City

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