The Starbucks Planner 2018 Philippine Edition

One of the year’s most awaited promotions is finally here! Yup yup, it’s Starbucks sticker-collecting season once again. This year is special because it’s Starbucks’ 20th year in the Philippines. I’m like WHUT??? It seems as if it was only yesterday when my friends and I lined up at Starbucks 6750 to get our first taste of their frappuccino. Time really flies.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesAnyway without further ado, here are the Philippine editions of the Starbucks Planner 2018.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesIt comes in 2 color combinations with matching leather sleeves. This is the Orange and Blue Planner with light brown leather sleeve.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesThis is the Green and Blue Planner with dark brown leather sleeve.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesAll the Philippine editions of the Starbucks Planner 2018 comes with limited edition Kape Vinta Starbucks Cards.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesHere’s a closer look at the Kape Vinta Starbucks Card. If you load the card with at least P300 and register it to a My Starbucks Rewards account anytime between January 1 – 31, 2018, you get a chance to win free Starbucks drinks for a year! They will be drawing 20 winners of free Starbucks for a year and another 20 winners of free Starbucks for a month. That’s a total of 40 winners! This is just another reason to get a Starbucks Planner 2018.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesThe Starbucks Planner 2018 also comes with a stencil and a desktop calendar in the shape of a Starbuck cup.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesI really like the colorful inside pages of the Starbucks Planner 2018.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesThe Philippine holidays are marked too!

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesEvery month sports a unique design.

Starbucks Planner 2018 PhilippinesAs always there are ten (10) Starbucks coupons you can use from January to October 2018:

  • Buy 1 take 1 espresso beverage
  • 20% off any cake slice or mini cake
  • P30 off when you purchase a Venti beverage
  • Buy 1 take 1 frappuccino
  • 20% off a Starbucks Coffee Traveler
  • 20% off any You Are Here Water Bottle
  • Free grande handcrafted beverage when you activate or reload a Starbucks Card with P1,500
  • 20% off any pack of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, Starbucks VIA Latte, Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee, or Teavana
  • Buy 1 take 1 brewed coffee or cold brew
  • 20% off any Bottled Frappuccino Drink or Tazo Bottled Tea

So how do you get a Starbucks Planner 2018?

  1. Get a sticker card at any Starbucks store. Collect nine (9) holiday beverage (Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, Christmas Tree Peppermint Dark Mocha, Vanilla Nougat Latte) stickers and nine (9) core beverage stickers. Up to two (2) sticker cards can be combined for planner redemption.
  2. Make a single receipt bulk purchase of food and other retail items (merchandise, whole bean, Starbucks VIA, Teavana) worth at least P7,000. You get a Starbucks Planner 2018 instantly. Starbucks load and Starbucks GC purchases do not count.

You can simultaneously avail of beverage stickers and Senior Citizen discount, PWD discount, VAT exemption, and Personal Cup/Tumbler P5 discount.

The following coupons are disqualified for this promotion: Service Recovery Coupon, Free Tall Beverage Coupon, Customer Voice Redemption, Rustan Coffee Partner discount, Rustan Group of Compabies discount, Starbucks Card Registration Treat, and Starbucks Card Beverage Treat Redemption.

Stickers can be collected from now until January 8, 2018. Planner redemption can be done from now until March 8, 2018.

Ever wondered how much money collecting stickers would cost? Well given that you need 9 regular beverage stickers and P105 is the cheapest, that’s P945 minimum. Now the cheapest holiday drink is P160 so that’s P1,440. Let’s do the math — P945 + P1,440 = P2,385. You need to spend a minimum of P2,385 to get a planner!

What do you think of the Starbucks Planner 2018?

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  • Reply Mhadel Reynoso November 9, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Hello i wish im d lucky one to win this.i imagine myself drinking coffee at starbucks whileng writing on my planner…

  • Reply Meikah Ybañez-Delid November 10, 2017 at 11:39 am

    I’ve always loved the Starbucks planner, and I make sure I get one every year, but especially this year as it has upgraded to have cooler features! XD

  • Reply Kirk November 11, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    Do people still actually use them or are they just collectibles? I mean, it’s quite a hassle to bring that thing wherever you go when you can just utilize those calendar and note apps in your mobile phones and other gadgets.

    • Reply Rowena Wendy Lei November 12, 2017 at 11:53 pm

      My daughter uses Starbucks Planners to keep track of her school stuff 🙂

  • Reply catherine vinluan November 12, 2017 at 9:34 am

    good for coffee lovers… (Starbucks fan). Dami nilang pasabog… 🙂 xoxo

  • Reply aulie November 13, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    Im a sucker for leather bound anything so this is yay for meeeeee! Im getting the small one para I can bring it anywhere . luuuuuuurve their nougat bev!

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