New dishes at Gerry’s Grill!

A handful of bloggers and media folks including myself were invited by Gerry’s Grill to sample some of their bestselling dishes as well as their new offerings.

We dined at their Tomas Morato branch. I was amazed at the sheer volume of people. The place was jam-packed whereas the neighboring grills Guilly’s Island and Dencio’s were not even half-full. I’ve actually blogged about Gerry’s Grill before since we eat there occasionally.

Adobong Puso Rice at Gerry's GrillTo start us off, Adobong Puso Rice (P155, pictured above) was brought out. It’s white rice cooked in adobo sauce with chunks of pork. Since it was wrapped in banana leaves that they had to slit it in the middle to create an opening so you could scoop out the rice. It’s very tasty, and it reminded me somewhat of the Chinese machang, which is a sticky rice dish that’s also wrapped in leaves.

Fish and Chips at Gerry's Grill

New Dish #1: Fish and Chips (P165, pictured above)
Their Fish and Chips is surprisingly good. Despite the puffy-looking batter, there was a lot of fish inside. I liked the garlic mayonnaise that was served on the side.

Sizzling Binagoongang Baboy at Gerry's GrillSizzling Binagoongang Baboy (pictured above) is another tasty offering. An assortment of vegetables and pork cut into lechon-kawali like strips are cooked in bagoong (Filipino shrimp sauce).

New Dish #2: Sizzling Tilapia Ala Pobre (P245, pictured above)
I’m not really a fish person but I really liked all the vegetables that came with this dish hahaha! Hubby thought it was pretty good though.

Beef Caldereta at Gerry's GrillThe new dishes were interspersed with the classics, and as such Beef Kaldereta (P220, pictured above) was up next. The grated cheese on top is a unique touch. The beef is lean and the tomato-based sauce very flavorful.

Tinomok at Gerry's GrillTinomok (P165, pictured above) was the surprise of the night. It’s kind of like laing, it looked like a bunch of leaves in gata (coconut milk) but it’s actually a meat and vegetable dish. The leaves serve as a covering for a meatball like filling, and I was surprised at how the leaves retained their crunch even while being covered in sauce. The pork filling is very juicy too. The other new dishes featured different ways of cooking Pla pla, a particular fish that I’m not really fond of. 😛

Brownie ala Mode at Gerry's GrillFor dessert I opted for Brownie ala Mode (P110, pictured above). A fudgy brownie square is topped with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was quite good but I was so full I only managed to finish half of it. I suggest sharing it with someone to save on the calories, hehe. 😀

Gerry’s Grill
Tomas Morato cor. Eugenio Lopez St.,
Quezon City
415-9514 / 373-9166 / 414-4234
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