Kid-testing the Avon Baby Line

I was invited to the launch of Avon Baby last August 31, 2010 at the Fort Bonifacio Global City. Unfortunately, I got stuck in really horrendous traffic at the Ortigas area so I only caught the tail end of the event.

Avon Baby productsThree products comprise the Avon Baby line — oil, lotion, and baby wash. Now I don’t have a baby in my care anymore since my youngest child is already 5 years old. Still, I was attracted to tha fact that these products are all hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and dye-free. Parabens and dyes are considered toxic ingredients, so I was really excited about the Avon Baby products and couldn’t wait to let my 5-year old try them.

Avon Baby Soothing OilI got to try out the Avon Baby Soothing Oil (P260 for 200ml, pictured above) at the event proper. My tablemates were all raving about it.

Avon Baby Soothing OilAvon Baby Soothing Oil is thicker in consistency compared to normal baby oil, in fact it’s a bit lotion-like. The scent is very, very mild and it’s incredibly non-greasy. Massaging it into the skin makes it disappear almost instantly, leaving you with only smooth skin with no trace of oil anywhere. This is great for moisturizing during hotter, more humid days. It’s also infused with chamomile for a relaxing effect that can help your child sleep better.

Avon Baby Moisturizing LotionAt home, I let my 5-year old daughter give the products a trial run. We started with the Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion (P250 for 200ml, pictured above).

Avon Baby Moisturizing LotionAvon Baby Moisturizing Lotion seemed rather thick when I initially squeezed some out of the bottle. It’s surprisingly more watery than creamy in terms of consistency though.

Avon Baby Moisturizing LotionThe product spreads so well that it took only that single squirt to cover my daughter’s whole arm. Like the soothing oil, the lotion was quickly absorbed by the skin. The scent is almost baby powder-like.

Avon Baby Tear Free Head-to-Toe Wash and ShampooI had my daughter use the Avon Baby Tear Free Wash and Shampoo (P240 for 200ml, pictured above) during bath time. Since it’s free from colorants, it came out much like the soothing oil — clear and colorless. It had a thicker consistency though since it is a body wash and shampoo in one. It lathers very lightly, so don’t expect lots of foamy suds.

Avon Tear Free Wash and ShampooThese are after shots of my daughter’s hair after she used the Avon Baby Tear Free Wash and Shampoo. We just towelled it off after bathing and then let it air dry naturally. There is a very obvious absence of fragrance. You don’t smell anything, really. Her hair condition was okay after use, but I’ve seen it react better to other shampoos. After some hours of playing with no aircon her head started to smell of perspiration. I guess that as a shampoo, this is really suited more for babies who don’t move around or sweat much yet. It’s really handy to bring when you’re going out swimming though since it means one less bottle to lug around, being a 2-in-1 product.

Call your Avon lady for purchase information. Don’t have one? Find one here.
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