Eat Well Delicious Kitchen in Greenhills

I’ve always loved Eat Well Delicious Kitchen at Fort Bonifacio Global City. It’s just not that convenient because it’s at least a 30-minute drive from where we live and there’s always too many people. You’d have to go there as soon as it opens or at a weird time like 2-4pm so it’s neither lunch nor dinner. The good news is, Eat Well Delicious Kitchen is now in Greenhills!

Deep-Fried Beancurd in Spicy Salt at Eat Well Delicious KitchenWe had a nice Sunday lunch at Eat Well Delicious Kitchen in Greenhills some time ago. Like the original branch, it was a full house. Fortunately, it was still pretty early so we got nice seats on the second floor. Hubby started off with an order of Deep Fried Beancurd in Spicy Salt (P105, pictured above). It came with a vinegar dip. The beancurd was crunchy and not greasy, but it was also on the bland side.

Xiao Long Pao at Eat Well Delicious KitchenWe had Xiao Long Pao (P88 for 4 pieces / P175 for 8 pieces, pictured above), my favorite dimsum item. Eat Well’s Xiao Long Pao is delicious. Served freshly steamed and piping hot, each piece is plump, filled with tasty ground pork and chives, and bursting with hot soup. The outer covering is chewy too. My kids couldn’t get enough. 😀

Meatball Mushroom Congee at Eat Well Delicious KitchenMy son decided to have the Meatball Mushroom Congee (P130, pictured above). Since the serving size was big, we were able to share it. It had a very natural and clean taste.

Roasted Crispy Pork Rice at Eat Well Delicious KitchenHubby and I each ordered Roasted Crispy Pork Rice (P180, pictured above). Crunchy Hong Kong style lechon kawali tops steamed rice. It’s served with vegetables on the side and sate sauce for dipping. Is it just me or is this dish better at the Fort branch?

Masachi at Eat Well Delicious KitchenFor dessert, we settled on Masachi (P58, pictured above). You get six pieces of glutinous balls filled with melted white chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts. It’s freshly made on order and served hot. They’re sooo good and it’s hard to stop at just one piece.

The restaurant spans two floors, but it’s kind of warm on the first floor. The enclosed area on the second floor has the best air-conditioning. A lot of people eat here so it’s best to go early or pay a visit when it’s neither lunch nor dinner time. The food is good and the prices are very reasonable.
Eat Well Delicious Kitchen
Missouri St. cor. Connecticutt St.,
Greenhills, San Juan City
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