Eastwood City Mall’s Ultra 7 Cinema

There’s a relatively new film-viewing experience in store for movie buffs, and that is Eastwood City Mall’s Ultra 7 Cinema.

Eastwood City Mall's Ultra 7 CinemaEastwood’s Ultra 7 Cinema opened last February 2009. It is located on the 4th level of the new Eastwood City Mall.

Eastwood Ultra 7 Cinema entranceEastwood’s Ultra 7 Cinema entrance alone is enough to inspire awe. The ultra modern trimmings and the flashing lights of the main doorway exuded this Star Trek-esque feel. It’s as if you’re getting ready to be transported to another world.

Eastwood Ultra 7 Cinema loungeUpon entry, guests can relax at the lounge area as they wait for showtime. It’s actually very much like a bar — all that’s missing is a bartender with some cocktails.

Eastwood's Ultra 7 CinemaEastwood’s Ultra 7 Cinema can seat a maximum of sixty (60) people. It features spacious, lushly upholstered, and fully reclining twin seats. The chairs are so comfortable that you’ll surely want lean far back, put your feet up, and make yourself at home as you watch the movie. We were fortunate to have been invited to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is a 153-minute extravaganza. Aside from being the movie to watch right now, the length let us enjoy the luxurious Ultra 7 Cinema seats a lot longer.

Eastwood's Ultra 7 CinemaAside from the incredible seats, the Ultra 7 Cinema also boasts of crystal clear visuals and crisp Dolby Digital sounds. There is also a butler service — all you have to do is raise your hand in order to avail of the unlimited popcorn and drinks. I settled for a large bucket of cheese popcorn and a bottle of distilled water, as I’m not really a soda person. You can order as many buckets of popcorn and as many drinks as you want for the duration of the film. Restrooms are located within the theater so you don’t have to go outside if you need to go.

According to Eastwood City’s Ms. Tinay Magtira, the theater was named Ultra 7 Cinema because it is technically Eastwood City’s seventh movie theater.

Tickets are available for P400 each, all-in. Ticket purchase and viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis. Ultra 7 Cinema does not accept reservations at this time. The Ultra 7 Cinema can also be rented for special events and blocked screenings.

If you are catching a flick at Eastwood’s Ultra 7 Cinema, I would suggest picking out a long movie like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so you can maximize the experience.

For movie schedules, log on to http://www.eastwoodcity.com/zen-eastwood-cinema.php

For further inquiries, call the Eastwood Mall Concierge at 709-1893.

Special thanks to Ms. Tinay Magtira for inviting us. 🙂

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