Cooking with the Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker

We’ve been using a Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker for several years now. It’s a rather old model and I was told that it’s already obsolete. It still works as well as as the day we bought it though so I’ve never even considered replacing it. That is until I was introduced to the the Tiger Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker. It’s still a Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker… just a newer and more high tech model. It’s the JBX-B18F to be exact and it sells for P10,000.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerLet’s unbox this beauty, shall we? Ever since I started cooking in 2016, I have a better understanding of and appreciation for cooking equipment.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerThis Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker comes with the usual instruction manual of course. Like all other models, a multipurpose spoon / spatula is also included.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerSince this is a state-of-the-art model that can synchro-cook both your rice and your viand, it also comes with a recipe book. There are dishes from all over Asia, including the Philippines! The best part is, they are all very easy to do at home. I’m so excited to try all of these recipes!

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerOkay so these are all the inclusions.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerMy new Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker is a 1.8L model which can make 10 cups of rice in one go.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerThis orange dish is where you will place the meat and veggies that you’ll cook with your rice. I love how everything is going to be so much healthier since you don’t need to use cooking oil! The plastic cup is for measuring rice grains that you will use.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerThe square button in front is for opening and closing the Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerWhen I attended Japanese chef Kai San’s cooking demo at the SM Mall of Asia Home Fair, he told us he would be making Japanese cheesecake with the Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker. Unfortunately, the previous segments before Tiger’s went into overtime and I had a birthday dinner to attend. I wasn’t able to watch him cook the cheesecake but Tiger Philippines was gracious enough to share the recipe with me.

Kai San’s Japanese Cheesecake


200g Cream Cheese
80g White Sugar (I replaced this with 150g Coco Sugar)
3 Egg Yolks
200ml Whipping Cream (I used All Purpose Cream)
3 tbsp Cake Flour
Juice of a slice of lemon

Meringue – 3 Egg Whites + Salt

Optional: Matcha or Cocoa Powder for flavor. This is entirely my input. I melted a tbsp of matcha powder in a tbsp of hot water and added it into the mix.


1. Mix cream cheese, sugar, egg yolks, whipping cream, cake flour, and lemon juice together in a bowl. Cake flour should be added in 2 parts.

2. Whisk egg whites and salt in a separate bowl until soft peaks form.

3. Add meringue into the cream cheese mixture (2 parts). Do not mix, instead slice, slice, slice, and fold. Add the rest of the meringue and then slice, slice, slice, and fold again.

4. Grease 1/3 of the rice cooker pot with butter. Pour the mixture in then press the Plain setting. Press Start and then wait for the red light to go off and the Keep Warm light to turn on. When it’s on Keep Warm, it means whatever you’re cooking is done.

5. Transfer onto a plate. You can also dust with confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, or matcha.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerNow let me share some tips for making this. First, make sure you soften the cream cheese prior by taking it out of the refrigerator. I wasn’t able to do that so I zapped the entire bar in the microwave for 20 seconds. You can actually use the rice cooker spoon to mix all the ingredients together.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerYou can adjust the sugar to taste. Coco sugar is a lot less sweet than white sugar so I used almost double the amount. If you’re going to add matcha, melt it with hot water first. I added an entire tablespoon into the batter first and it didn’t really mix. My batter ended up with green specks lol. So I melted another tablespoon in hot water and voila, matcha green batter lol.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerWith regards to the Tiger Tacook Rice Cooker, the Menu button is your friend. It scrolls through all the functions. When you find what you’re looking for, in this case the Plain setting, just press Start.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerYou can tell it’s done when the red light on the Start button comes off and the orange light on the Keep Warm button turns on. Press the Keep Warm button to cancel whatever it’s doing… in this case, keeping my finished cake warm. I want it to cool now so I can transfer it onto a plate.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerVoila, we’re done! Wow, I honestly didn’t think you could make cake with just 3 tbsps of cake flour! All the ingredients I used are on the photo — American Heritage Cream Cheese, Maya Cake Flour, Queensland Butter (to grease the pot), Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream, Nutrifam Coconut Sugar, and Bounty Fresh Eggs.

Tiger Tacook Rice CookerSo… my Matcha Japanese Cheesecake came out moist and dense instead of light and fluffy. I think it’s because I used heavy cream instead of whipping cream. I may have also done the whole slicing and folding the meringue into the batter wrong since I wasn’t able to see how Kai San did it. But it’s all good, hubby and kids said it’s delicious lol. My kids won’t lie… whenever I make something they don’t like they outright say it sucks wahahahaa!

Tiger Tacook Rice Cookers are available at SM Homeworld, Robinsons Department Stores (Galleria and Ermita), Landmark, Rustans Department Stores, Anson Stores, Metro Gaisano Stores, and Tiongsan Stores. You can also buy online at the Tiger Philippines online store, Lazada, and Shopee.

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    Ang saya naman po nyan pwede ng magbake at mag steam ng mga gulay at the same time, at super tibay, if u want to invest for a good rice cooker at multi function i think this is worth it, thanks Ms Ro ☺️

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    May bagong recipe na naman, yay

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