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If there’s one thing we need a lot of these days it’s loungewear. A lot of us work from home and study from home so we need the most comfortable clothes we can function in. But then again, everyone is also tightening their belts because nobody knows what’s going to happen next. One minute you’re fine, the next minute you could get sick and rack up millions in hospital bills. Business isn’t exactly booming in most sectors either. Most work hours have been shortened which inadvertently results in pay cuts. In short, we really need to make the most of the money we have on hand.

InspiThat’s where Inspi comes in. Inspi is a Shopee store that sells all kinds of comfortable clothes — shirts, shorts, drawstring pants… you name it. They come in all shapes and colors too. You want it fitted? Loose? Oversized? Inspi has them all. All you need to do is browse through their vast selection and take your pick!

InspiSince the Shopee 8.8 sale is happening in a few hours, I filled up my cart with clothes for the whole family. Prices range from P79 to P399 — and P399 is already a coordinated set consisting of a top and a bottom.

InspiMy cart contains a total of 10 articles of clothing and the total amount due is around P1,500. That’s an average of P150 per item — super affordable, right? Come midnight, I’m sure there will be more discounts for Shopee 8.8. My total might just go lower!

Captain America T-ShirtInspi also has official licensed shirts which include Marvel, Star Wars, Space Jam, and Mickey Mouse. They have sizing charts on each listing as well so it’s not hard to determine which size to buy.

I’m super excited to check out the items in my cart later! Do check out Inspi on Shopee.

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