A delicious dinner at Angel’s Kitchen

We had dinner with some high school friends at Angel’s Kitchen along Connecticutt St. last Feb. 2, 2010.

Angel's Kitchen interiorsAngel’s Kitchen is a small and quaint restaurant with wooden furnishings which exude a certain country style charm. It’s full on most days so it’s always safer to reserve before walking in.

Melba toast with chicken liver pate at Angel's KitchenAfter you order, you will be served a small bowl of melba toast with chicken liver pate (pictured above) on the side. This has got to be one of the yummiest complimentary appetizers we’ve ever had since the chicken liver pate presents a lovely medley of textures and flavors.

Chicken liver pate at Angel's KitchenThere were even small bits of pistachio nuts in the pate. It was sooo good I wanted to buy some to take home.

Waldorf Salad in Honey Calamansi Vinaigrette at Angel's KitchenHubby and I decided to order Waldorf Salad in Honey Calamansi Vinaigrette (P278, pictured above) for starters. Got to give Angel’s Kitchen a thumbs up for service — when the salad came out it was already split into two smaller plates so we wouldn’t have to pick on it in the middle of the table. It had apple slices, candied nuts, and herbed boursin cheese tossed with lettuce. The honey calamansi vinaigrette was heavenly… light, citrusy, and at the same time sweet. Needless to say I finished every single leaf of my salad.

Kimchi Rice with Beef Bulgogi at Angel's KitchenFrom the name Angel’s Kitchen you’d expect the usual café dishes like pasta and sandwiches. Although they also have those, there are pretty unexpected delicious Asian dishes like this Kimchi Rice with Beef Bulgogi (P398, pictured above) which I ordered. It was a pretty big serving and it was so yummy. It was served with the most delicious chili sauce in case it’s still not spicy enough for you.

Crispy Steamed Dory at Angel's KitchenMeanwhile, hubby ordered Crispy Steamed John Dory Fish Fillet (P378, pictured above) which is one of Angel’s Kitchen’s signature dishes. The fish steamed to tender and juicy perfection on the inside and yet crispy fried on the outside. It is topped with leeks, asparagus, and shitake mushrooms. We never thought it was possible for fished to be steamed and fried at the same time. Delicious!

Angel’s Kitchen also has a wide selection of cakes that could rival Conti’s in terms of taste. We got so full with dinner that we didn’t really have space for dessert anymore, plus it was getting so warm we wanted to leave already. That is my only gripe with the place — the insufficient air-conditioning! When the place gets packed, the aircon can’t keep up and all of you start perspiring. That’s not good since it makes you want to skip coffee and/or dessert to go some place more comfortable.
Angel’s Kitchen
#57 Connecticutt St.,
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City
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