Xing Fu Tang at Greenhills Promenade

I went to check out the Taiwanese milk tea brand Xing Fu Tang at Greenhills Promenade last Thursday. I think they have the best pearls among all the milk tea places. They’re always freshly cooked and perfectly chewy, just the way I like my pearls. Xing Fu Tang is best known for their flagship product Brown Sugar Boba Milk (P120)… but I was having anything else but that this time.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeThe Xing Fu Tang stall at Greenhills Promenade is located near Sibyullee and is right across Beard Papa’s.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeI super love their signature brown sugar pearls! It’s really a must-try so do try to go for a drink with these sinkers if it’s your first time at Xing Fu Tang.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeThey’re always cooking these so you can be sure your pearls are fresh.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeAnyhow, let’s meet some of their non-brown sugar drinks, shall we? Check out Matcha Boba Milk (P120), Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk (P130), and Strawberry Boba Milk (P120). These are milk-based drinks. Matcha Boba Milk which is matcha + milk + strawberry pearls. Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk is fresh milk poured over brown sugar pearls and grass jelly. Strawberry Boba Milk is just as its name suggests — strawberry + milk + strawberry pearls. If you want your tea fix, go for the one with matcha. Looking for a more dessert-type treat that’s not overhwelming? Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk is for you. If you want your drink fruity, then it’s Strawberry Boba Milk.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeI went for their unique new offering — Mango Smoothie with Rabbit Panna Cotta (P140). Okay… so first off, the strawberry pearls do not really taste like strawberry. They have the same perfect chewiness as the black pearls I so adore but minus the sweetness. The mango smoothie part is reminiscent of a good cup of mango sago from a nice Chinese restaurant. I love how they placed a cute rabbit-shaped panna cotta on top. The idea is to push your straw through the panna cotta and into the cup with your drink so you can have all 3 ingredients in one go.

Xing Fu Tang Greenhills PromenadeSince it’s a smoothie, this drink is a bit more filling but since it’s fruit, it’s not at all cloying. I was impressed at how the pearls were still hot when they served this to me. I also ordered a Brown Sugar Boba Black Tea Latte (P120) for my daughter but I forgot to take a proper photo (I have a photo on my phone but I have to see if its usable). She said it’s good though and she likes it better than the flagship product.

Xing Fu Tang has stores at Greenhills Promenade and The Podium.

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  • Reply Katrina Dela Cruz September 10, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    I always see this whenever I go to the Podium but I’ve never tried it. I really like fruity drinks so I hope I get to try them soon!

  • Reply Beard Papa's at Greenhills Promenade - Animetric's World September 11, 2019 at 10:29 am

    […] here in the Philippines. There’s one in Greenhills Promenade (near Sibyullee, right across Xing Fu Tang) and one in Glorietta. I’m pretty sure more stores will be opening. Anyhow last Thursday I […]

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