Why be a Sample Room VIP member?

Sample Room is turning 2. It seems like only yesterday when I got my very first sample. There have been a lot of changes (all for the better) but the most noteworthy update is the NEW Sample Room VIP membership.

Sample Room VIP Member

What is the new Sample Room VIP membership? Well for starters, you pay P799 to get 1,000 points and VIP status. P799 for 1,000 points is definitely worth it because if you go to http://www.sampleroom.ph now, you’ll see different variants of Daylong Sunscreen being offered. You need 900 points to get a full-sized Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 worth P1,295. Once you place your order, you get the product, you try it, review it, and your 900 points get replenished. You can go on and order another full-sized Daylong Sunscreen variant… let’s say Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50+ for the kids. You need 1,000 points for that and guess what, you just got 1,000 points for being a VIP member! Rinse and repeat. That’s already P1,295 + P1,450 worth of products for your initial P799. You can enjoy your 1,000 points for 2 whole months.

Sample Room VIP Member

What’s more, you get a free surprise package EVERY TIME you sign up for VIP membership. I’m pretty sure you’ll get your P799 back with that alone but wow, think of all the premium samples you can redeem with 1,000 points! Since P799 is good for 2 months, that comes out to just P399.50 per month so it’s actually cheaper than a beauty box subscription… plus you get to pick out the products you want.

Sample Room VIP Member

Aside from the points and the surprise package, VIP members also get first dibs on sample offers, exclusive event invites, and lots of other perks and benefits (check the list I posted above).

Would you like to avail of a Sample Room VIP membership? Log on to http://www.sampleroom.ph/Vip-sample-room-member.

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