What’s in my bag? (Animetric Edition)

If it’s one thing I’m never without, it’s a bag… and it’s always a designer bag, lol. I can never resist designer bags. It’s my vice. I have no interest in jewelry and I’m not particular with clothing brands but I must have my designer bags.

Animetric BagMy favorite bag at the moment is my Gucci Canvas Boston Bag. I bought it from the Gucci boutique in Guam for US$780 (roughly a little over P30k) last summer. I love how roomy and sturdy it is, plus it goes well with most casual wear. It’s usually what I tote around. These are the things that are always in my bag…

Animetric BagThe most important are my three essentials: wallet, cellphone, and keys. The wallet I’m using is from Burberry, my stepdad gave it to me as a gift some years ago. I’m still using my Samsung Galaxy Mega from last year and my keys are held together by a Lady in the Water (yes, the M Night Shyamalan movie) keychain.

bag_xylitol3I always have a tube of Xylitol in my bag. I chew a couple of pellets after meals especially when I’m on the go and I don’t have a toothbrush along. Chewing Xylitol daily has been scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. It’s handy because when I’m eating out I usually pick dishes with lots of garlic so this also helps get rid of garlic breath. I like bringing Xylitol Fresh Mint because it’s the freshest and most minty variant, just as its name suggests.

Animetric BagI always have lip balm and lip stick too. For now, I’m using Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm w/ Kokum Butter. It was given to me by my neighbor Mrs. Martinez as pasalubong from her Canada trip last year. I like how it has this natural feel and taste, kind of likes honey. It moisturizes my lips effectively too. The lipstick I have in my bag would depend on which one I use before leaving the house. I bring it for touch ups.

Animetric BagI always have my eyeglasses in my bag. I’m afflicted with astigmatism and near-sightedness so I need to wear them when I’m driving, especially at night.

Animetric BagIt’s Prada, hahaha. I splurged on this during my 2011 trip to the US. I bought it from Lenscrafters and had it customized with anti-glare UV protection lenses and all.

bag_xylitol7During the daytime, I bring a pair of sunglasses which are also fitted with graded lenses for my vision problems. I use it when the sun is out because it’s hard to drive when the sun is shining directly into my eyes. I got this pair at Lenscrafters too — the same time I bought my eyeglasses. This is actually a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses but I got them on sale for something like US$69.99.

Animetric BagA pack of Kleenex tissues has been a staple in my bag for many many years now. Sometimes I also bring wet wipes (usually when the kids are with me). I also always have at least one ballpen.

Those are pretty much what my bag contains every single day. Sometimes I also bring a hairbrush, when I know I’ll be out the whole day. I would also bring a USB thumb drive when I know I would be transferring files from the office computer to my home laptop and vice-versa.

What’s in your bag? 🙂

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