Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage

I got a pair of Urbanears Medis earphones for review before the Holy Week. I’ve been so swamped in blog backlogs and other tasks that it’s only now that I got the chance to really experience them.

Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
I like the simple, square packaging which reminds me of a video game box.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage

Unboxing it is pretty exciting because you uncover separate puzzle-like compartments.

Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
The Urbanears Medis comes in 13 different colors, the pair I’m reviewing is in Sage.

Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
The earpieces sport a very unique shape. I couldn’t quite figure out how to wear them at first but once I did they were pretty comfy. It employs Urbanears’ unique EarClick Construction for a perfect fit.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
It comes with a standard connector which fits the earphones slot of your cellphone, music player, computer, etc.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
Different sizes of pads are also packed with the earphones. Medium is pre-installed but you can change to Small, Large, and Extra Large. They’re contained in separate packets.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
There’s also a Neutral Stereo Plug you can use for older mobile phones in case you encounter sound interference.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
I tried listening to music from my Samsung Galaxy S2.
Urbanears Medis earphones in Sage
I thought the sound quality was okay although nothing special.
What I thought of Urbanears Medis:
  • The design and packaging looks very cool and cutting edge.
  • I like that there are a lot of colors to choose from and it’s actually fashionable.
  • Sound quality is average. You probably would not be impressed if you’re a music enthusiast. A casual listener might find it okay though.
  • There’s a microphone attached on the wire so you can actually use it to converse. 
  • The fit is customizable thanks to the extra ear pads.
  • I like the fabric cord which doesn’t twist and tangle easily.
  • It’s not very sensitive as you need more volume to listen properly compared to the iPod’s default earphones.
  • It’s pricey at P2,450.
Urbanears Medis earphones are available at Beyond The Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Power Mac Center, and Astrovision.

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