Unilever Home Care deals this 9.9 on Shopee!

This 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day, stock up on home care at the Unilever Home Care Store. You can get up to 35% off their home care brands like Comfort, Breeze, Domex, Cif, and more. There will also be free shipping at zero minimum spend and freebies with every purchase that day. It sure beats shopping at a physical store. With our pandemic numbers rising to meteoric heights, it really makes more sense to stay home and minimize exposure whenever you can.

Comfort Fabric ConditionerAnyhow, did you know that Comfort Care Detergent and Fabric Conditioner comes in 2 variants — Glamour Care and Casual Care? Both are formulated to prevent clothes ageing. Used in tandem, these products prevent color fading, shape loss, bobbling, yellowing, and roughness. You get to keep your clothes looking and feeling newer longer. Do read the labels on the package and the online listing before adding to cart though — I admit I get confused by the detergent and the fabcon packaging at times.

ComfortAll the Comfort products and variants are available at the Unilever Home Care Store.

Since we don’t have helpers, we machine wash all our clothes… even the more delicate ones. Doing so is harsher on fabrics versus handwashing. That said, fabric conditioner is really a must if we want our clothes to last. We don’t iron too. We just dump all the washed clothing in the dryer. Using fabcon helps keep wrinkles and creases on the fabric at bay so after drying all you need to do is hang or fold.

Anyhow, you’ll get to save a lot on home essentials if you shop for them this 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day! Mark your calendars and be one of the first ones to check out for more perks. 😀

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