TTK Singaporean Restaurant in Makati City

One rainy day hubby and I drove to Makati from our office during lunch break just to check out TTK Singaporean Restaurant. He had chanced upon it several days back with one of our friends and it was all he could talk about thereafter. When we feel like eating Singaporean food we would usually go to Wee Nam Kee, but they don’t really offer hawker fare like TTK Singaporean Restaurant does.

TTK Singaporean Restaurant
TTK Singaporean RestaurantTTK Singaporean Restaurant is a sit-down kind of place despite the Singaporean hawker vibe. You pick a table and the servers give you menus so you can order.

TTK Singaporean RestaurantWe ordered Regular Nasi Lemak (P108). It’s a popular Malaysian dish that is a meal in itself and I always order it from Singaporean or Malaysian restaurants. TTK’s version has fried dilis, Singapore fish cake slices, scrambled egg, fresh cucumber with sambal (chili-based sauce), and special Nasi Lemak rice. There’s a special version which is more loaded (it has fish fillet among other additions) but I wanted something lighter so I opted for this one. The way we ate it is we mixed everything together with the rice. I love how the spicy sambal combines with the refreshing cucumber and savory dilis. It truly is a meal in itself. The rice is cooked by boiling in coconut water — you can smell and taste it!

TTK Singaporean RestaurantWe also ordered Chicken Hainanese (P188). Steamed chicken is served with sliced cucumber and tomato with a couple of sauces on the side. I say nay. I hate it when chicken is cooked like this — steamed until just done with that yucky soft skin. I like my chicken cooked thoroughly to the bone. If it were a steak it would be well done. Plus I prefer it with crispy skin so I always order the roasted version of the Hainanese chicken from Wee Nam Kee. Anyhow, hubby ate it all lol.

TTK Singaporean RestaurantThis is one of the food items hubby was raving about when he was telling me about this place — Roti Prata w/ Egg & Onion (P188). It’s a flour-based pancake that is grilled.

TTK Singaporean RestaurantThis one is filled with savory egg and onion. It’s soooo good. Definitely one of the better rotis I’ve had.

TTK Singaporean RestaurantYou can ask for a small bowl of curry for dipping.

TTK Singaporean RestaurantAnother dish I liked was Char Tau Kuey (Carrot Cake). You can opt for either black (on the photo) or white. Black is supposedly a bit sweeter so that was what we chose. It costs P188 per order. The carrot cake is cubed and then tossed with garlic and sauce. I really liked the chewy (tikoy-level chewy) carrot cake morsels and the crunchy fried garlic tidbits. This would make a great snack or side dish.

Hubby and I actually overdid the ordering out of excitement, lol, so we ended up really full afterwards. There are still a lot of dishes to try though, like Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Chili Crab, Cereal Prawns… we will definitely go back and have another round again one of these days. This place is owned and operated by a Singaporean so it’s definitely authentic. Service is fast and efficient plus the place even has free wifi. Reasonably priced delicious all natural food? Check.

TTK Singaporean Restaurant
Metropolitan Ave.(near cor. Vito Cruz Ext. and Chino Roces),
Makati City

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