Sweet Bella Cafe at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City

I had lunch by myself at Sweet Bella Cafe before my make-up class last week. The restaurant is located right across the building where Maquillage Professionel is.

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos CircleI was ushered to the second floor since the seats on the first floor were located outdoors and it was high noon — definitely too hot to go al fresco.

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos CircleWithout much ado, I ordered a Mushroom Omelette (P250, pictured above). I wanted something light and quick because I only had 30 minutes to complete my lunch. According to the menu it was supposed to have mushrooms, cheese, and caramelized onions.

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos CircleGuess what, they actually forgot to put the caramelized onions! But it was yummy anyway. The gooey melted cheese and juicy shitake mushrooms really went well with the eggs. It was served with toasted whole wheat raisin bread and tomato slices on the side.

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos CircleOf course I could not miss the opportunity to try their much talked about desserts. I settled for a Strawberry Shortcake (P275, pictured above). I love strawberries. In fact I’m always looking for some… so this was a no-brainer for me. The presentation totally blew me away.

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos CircleLight chiffon cake and frozen whole strawberries are wrapped in a delicate strawberry cream. It’s served cold so it was very refreshing, more so since it was so hot that day! They don’t skimp on the strawberries too, there must’ve been at least 5-6 whole frozen strawberries in that small cake. 😀

Sweet Bella Cafe Burgos Circle

I really love strawberries!

Sweet Bella Cafe
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City

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