Shopping with Rexona Clinical Protection!

I received a mysterious kit from Rexona a couple of weeks ago.

Pre-event kit from RexonaIt was a small travel case labelled with a tag that had my name on it.

Rexona Shopping ChallengeInside were equally mysterious instructions. It felt very reality show-ish, hehe.

Rexona Clinical ProtectionThere was also a small face towel and a box of Rexona Clinical Protection for Women. According to instructions, I was to apply the deodorant before bed the night before the shopping challenge.
Rexona Clinical ProtectionRexona Clinical Protection is BIG. Bigger than most deodorants sold here. I liked the clean white, red, and pink packaging.

Rexona Clinical ProtectionThis deodorant is the creamy type, the type you dispense with clicks on the wheel at the bottom of the bottle. I usually don’t like this kind because it’s messy to apply and it gets on your clothes.

Rexona Clinical ProtectionBut this one is different. It’s creamy, yes. But upon application on your underarm area, it dries and becomes matte right after so you can wear your top right away without having to worry about getting some on your clothes.

Rexona Clinical ProtectionExcited as I was, I decided to put the product to the test immediately. So I put my wrist under the sink and ran water over it. My wrist got wet of course.

I applied some Rexona Clinical Protection on my wrist and then placed my wrist under running water again. I took a video so you can see the amazing effect for yourself. The water would bead and slide right off. This product is like car wax in the protection it gives you against wetness. I was definitely awed.

Rexona Shopping ChallengeThe next day I proceeded to Max’s Restaurant in Tiendesitas for the Rexona Shopping Challenge briefing. That’s Dappy of the Rexona team up there with Alexei. We were to be given P1,500 shopping money and 30 minutes with which to raid Tiendesitas. We had to buy gifts for family, colleagues, and friends. The first to finish would win a special prize.

Of course, competitive me rushed right out. I was determined to win and so I didn’t take photos of my shopping trip anymore. I went straight to delicacies village and bought my family, friends, and officemates’ favorite foods: Dulong with Melba Toast from Connie’s Kitchen, Revel Bars, and Caramel Ensaymada. I finished in 15 minutes but I was not fast enough as I came in second only.
Rexona Clinical ProtectionAfter the shopping challenge, Dappy excitedly told us all about the all new Rexona Clinical Protection over dinner. No wonder it gives you superior protection, it was formulated for those who sweat excessively — providing 3x more protection for a full 48 hours. I can attest to that as more than 24 hours after, the product is still all there and still effective. It’s actually pretty challenging to wash off since it repels water. 😀

Rexona Clinical ProtectionRexona Clinical Protection comes in two variants — Men and Women. The formulation is the same, only the scent differs. It’s available exclusively at Mercury Drugstores and Watson’s outlets nationwide for P330. Don’t I just wish they came in this gigantic size? Hehehe!

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