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This International Women’s Month, Seoul White Korea makes it easier for women to hop on the Korean glass skin trend with special deals on their whitening soap, rejuvenating set, and tone-up cream. I actually got acquainted with this brand back in 2017. Back then they only had soap and tone-up cream. Looking at their Shopee store now, they’ve expanded their product line to include solutions for other concerns like acne.

Seoul White Korea on ShopeeSeoul White Korea’s Double White Soap (₱209 for 120g bars x 3) is the brand’s claim to fame. I actually finished several bars of this. It’s has a pleasant scent and it doesn’t dry the skin unlike other whitening soaps. Actives include bearberry arbutin and kojic acid, so it whitens with continued use. White strawberry exfoliates so skin is instantly brighter.

seoul_white_korea2Seoul White Korea now has a Rejuvenating Set (₱349). It includes Double Whitening Soap, AHA BHA Double Whitening Toner, and Tone-Up Cream. This is new to me — I haven’t tried using their toner.

seoul_white_korea3This is the Instant White Tone Up Cream. I have also used this before and it really does have an instant whitening effect. It’s not sticky nor greasy so it’s pretty nice for me.

Avail of big discounts this International Women’s Month and get one step closer to clearer, brighter skin for less.

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