A healthier Pocky with high fiber and whole wheat

Glico Philippines, Inc. announced the launch of a new Pocky range in the Philippines. With growing health consciousness, more and more consumers are looking for better food choices and more guilt-free products. In line with this, Glico is adding fiber into the pretzel component of Pocky. Incorporating whole wheat into the pretzel gives it a lighter and crispier texture.

Pocky PhilippinesThe rich and smooth chocolate gives the right balance of sweetness while enhancing the unique aroma of the chocolate flavors by adjusting the ratio of cream to biscuit. There will also be a few design changes to better communicate the presence of the natural ingredients.

“The year 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of our Glico Group. In that year, we are pleased to celebrate the
new re-staging of our flagship brand, Pocky. We want to be a brand and a company that evolves together with society, while keeping our core unchanged. More Happiness, More Goodness! will be delivered to the Philippines,” said Mr. Takashi Miki, Marketing Head, Glico Philippines, Inc.

Pocky is available at leading supermarkets nationwide as well as official online sales channels:

LazMall Glico Official STORE – https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/glico/
Shopee Mall Glico Official STORE – https://shopee.ph/glico_philippines

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