Pinkberry is now in Manila, Philippines!

We have all sorts of food and drink crazes here in Manila. When Starbucks first came, it pretty much started the coffee craze. Now the same group who brought us Starbucks brings us Pinkberry, one of the most popular frozen yogurt (froyo!) chains in the US.

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5I braved the horrid holiday traffic one weekday evening for a casual blogger get-together at the newly opened Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5. It’s located on the same side as Mr. Jones, one of my favorite restaurants. Pinkberry has six (6) different flavors:

  • Original (sweet + tart)
  • Green Tea (fresh + light)
  • Watermelon (crisp + refreshing)
  • Mango (fruity + sweet) – made with authentic Alphonso mango puree!
  • Pomegranate (bold + intense) – made with 100% pure pomegranate juice!
  • Chocolate (rich + indulgent)

You can ask for a sampler if you can’t decide which flavor to go for. 🙂

Pinkberry Philippines
For the event, we were each asked to come up with our own signature creation. In order to do so, there are three steps:

  1. Choose a flavor. (original, green tea, watermelon, mango, pomegranate, chocolate)
  2. Choose a size. (cone, small, medium, large, take home)
  3. Top it off. There are four (4) kinds of toppings you can choose from:
    – Daily Fresh Cut Fruit (strawberry, kiwi, banana, pineapple, mango, etc.)
    – Premium Dry (chocolate brownie, cheesecake bites, mochi, waffle cone, shaved milk chocolates, yogurt chips, fruity bears, etc.)
    – Liquid (honey, italian caramel, pom puree, etc.)
    – Luxe (peanut butter crunch, swirly whip, etc.)

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5Okay, so I settled for an original large frozen yogurt topped with banana, raspberry, chocolate brownie cake, toasted almonds, cheesecake bites, mochi, and a waffle cone. I was really floored by the sheer number of toppings available. They even have organic gummy bears.

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5I watched and took photos as the Pinkberry staff worked on my order.
Animetric's Pinkberry CreationTadaa! I called it Sweet Tart because I chose a tart base and topped it off with sweet stuff. I arrived like more than an hour late due to the horrendous traffic. Can you imagine 1 hour from Makati Ave. to Greenbelt 5 on the eve of December 20??? As everyone was already done I couldn’t really ponder on my creation anymore. Anyhow, it looked good and it tasted like a dream come true. 😀

Pricing is as follows:

  • Cone 3 oz. (P115 no toppings / P165 with 2 toppings)
  • Small 3 oz. (P100 no toppings / P150 with 2 toppings)
  • Med 5 oz. (P135 no toppings / P220 with 4 toppings)
  • Large 8 oz. (P170 no toppings / P265 with 6 toppings)
  • Take Home 25 oz. (P515 for a pint)

Pinkberry Banana SmoothiePinkberry also offers drinks. There are currently two kinds: Banana and Green Tea Smoothie. Both cost P185 per serving. I decided to try the Banana Smoothie. It’s a straightforward drink made of fresh ripe bananas and Pinkberry’s original flavor frozen yogurt. Other items on the menu are the Fresh Fruit Parfait and the Fresh Fruit Bowl, both priced at P245 each.

Pinkberry loyalty cardCustomers can avail of a Pinkberry loyalty card which entitles one to a free small yogurt with toppings after purchasing ten (10) Pinkberry items.

Win a Pinkberry Party!You can also join the raffle for a free Pinkberry party for 15 people. Just fill out a coupon at the cash register area and drop in the designated box. Winners will be announced via the Pinkberry Philippines Facebook Page.
Did you know that Pinkberry fanatics are referred to as Crackberries in the US? 😀

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