Owl Coffee from Singapore to Philippines!

I discovered the Singaporean coffee/tea brand Owl last year while I was shopping at Robinsons Supermarket in Robinsons Magnolia. There are points in my life when I get really dependent on coffee to get me through the early mornings. This is true especially during school days because I need to wake up before 6am to drive the kids. Then there’s the fact that I really just like coffee. I’ve actually been Instagramming a lot of my Owl drinks in the past several months.

Owl Coffee Philippines

I’m admittedly a 3-in-1 coffee kind of person. I like the convenience of just adding water, stirring, and then getting a perfect cup every time — no ifs and buts. I’ve actually tried 7 out of 8 variants of Owl Coffee:

  • Owl 3-in-1 Strong (this is the only one I haven’t tried, I chickened out, lol!)
  • Owl 3-in-1 Regular Low Fat
  • Owl Kopitiam Roast 3-in-1 Kopi C
  • Owl Kopitiam Roast 3-in-1 Siew Dai
  • Owl Nanyang White Coffee 3-in-1
  • Owl Nanyang White Coffee 3-in-1 Gula Melaka
  • Owl Soothing Brew Ginger Tea with Honey
  • Owl Teh Tarik
Owl Coffee Philippines

The first Owl drink I ever bought was Teh Tarik. It cost P135 for a pack containing 20 sticks, so that’s P6.75 per serving. I know, it’s not even coffee, lol, but I love tea with milk too! I was blown away by how it tasted like brewed and “pulled” tea from Singapore with milk. It even foams up. I like it hot while hubby prefers to drink it cold with ice. I love how it’s blended just right — not too bitter and not too sweet.

Owl Coffee Philippines

I went to Owl’s launch at The Cocoon Hotel last March 17. They let us try all the variants we could handle plus they had a demo where the Owl Nanyang White Coffee Gula Melaka was used as a base.

Owl Coffee Philippines

A Cookies and Cream coffee concoction and a Chocnut coffee concoction were prepared by blending Owl Nangyang White Coffee Gula Melaka with Cream-O Cookies and Chocnut respectively. Both were pretty good! I think I’ll try making them at home. Owl’s Nanyang White Coffee variants are the priciest ones in their roster (P200+ per pack of 15 sachets).

Owl Coffee Philippines

Owl 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Regular Low Fat is the coffee variant I usually buy. No compromise when it comes to taste even if it’s low fat. It makes for an excellent cup of coffee.

Owl Coffee Philippines

They gave us a whole pack of Owl Kopitiam Roast 3-in-1 Kopi-C to take home. It was my first time to try it. It’s very milky but like all the other Owl coffee variants, it’s not overly sweet. I liked it a lot! Kopitiam means “coffee shop” in Chinese. When it comes to Kopitiam Roast, I usually get the Kopi Siew Dai variant (milky with less sugar) since I want to keep my sugar consumption as low as possible.

Owl Coffee Philippines

My hubby isn’t a coffee drinker and so he usually just has either Owl Teh Tarik of Owl Soothing Brew Instant Ginger Tea with Honey. It’s okay but I find it really sharp (gumuguhit sa lalamunan-sharp) so I usually have it with a lot more water than what’s recommended. Hubby especially likes drinking it when he has a sore throat.

Owl instant beverages are available at all leading supermarkets nationwide.

Thanks Mymomfriday for this photo with Jenny and Jackie!

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