Open letter to the Pinoy Blogosphere

What a weekend! I woke up early today because we had to take my mom and stepdad to the airport so they can catch their flight to Taipei.

Email Screenshot
I was greeted by this email which was cc’d to me and like 500 other people ranging from bloggers, PR practitioners, digital marketers, and just about anyone who had any relation to the Pinoy Blogosphere. Someone under the alias of SingleMom SuperMom is raising a ruckus about allegedly freeloading bloggers who asked for +6 to an event. Click on the image above for a closer look. That’s just the first half of the email though. The second half has a list of names so I refrained from posting.

A lot of the people in the list were peeved that their email addresses were in public view and that some respondents would hit “reply to all”, spamming everyone on the list with continuous dialogue about this whole fiasco. Since I don’t want to spam everyone, I just decided to post my own thoughts about the matter here so people can choose whether to read or not.

Dear Pinoy Blogosphere,

In light of the mass mail that a lot of us received this morning, I’ve summarized my thoughts to a few points:

  1. With regards to events and guest lists, if you don’t like the event attendees, don’t go. Simple as that. Decline. You don’t need to torture yourself with the company of people you dislike or speak badly of others. Do the opposite of the Nike slogan, JUST DON’T. It’s a free country. If certain PRs and event organizers can’t help but give out invites to everyone who asks for them, that is their problem. If you think their blogger list sucks and you don’t want to be part of it then just stop going to their events. Less complicated, right?
  2. Please don’t spam 500 people just because you’re pissed off and you have personal issues. If you feel strongly about it and think you are right, post it publicly and stand your ground. Yes, you would most probably get hate mail. Yes, you will get flak and negative feedback. If you can’t handle that, shut up and don’t bother others with a lame “secret email campaign”.
  3. You can’t really ask PR practitioners to ban people just because you said so. If they’re really bad apples, whatever it is they are doing will probably get them banned in the future with no urging from anyone.
  4. Loot bags again??? Loot bags are overrated. Honestly, a lot of them do not even measure up to my gasoline expenses and more importantly my precious time… which is why I don’t go to most events. Loot bags don’t pay the bills. I doubt you could get enough of them to start a sari-sari store even if you ask for extras. If certain PRs or brands allow a blogger to go home with a hundred loot bags to provide for his whole barangay, that is THEIR problem.
  5. If we must be forced to read something, please make sure it is legible and understandable. The last thing everyone needs is a headache making heads and tails of what’s written.
  6. Personally, I think it’s not right asking for a +1 unless you have no choice. In my case, I asked when I was invited to a dinner in an unfamiliar place that was very far from where I live and work. I don’t like driving to faraway places I’ve never been to at night so I told the organizer if my hubby cannot accompany me, he can remove me from the list and replace me with someone else.

And that’s what I think. Till now I’m still getting spammed by people who are replying to that mass mail above. Let’s just try to enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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