Oishi Smart C for your daily dose of Vitamin C!

I got this unique delivery a month or so ago from Oishi Smart C. It’s kind of like a gigantic vitamin / medicine compartment, the type you put pills in and carry around with you to remind you it’s time to take them.

Oishi Smart C

Instead of meds however, this case was filled with bottles of Oishi Smart C juice drinks. There’s one bottle assigned per day since 500ml can provide 500mg of Vitamin C.

Oishi Smart C
Opening each compartment reveals a message.
Oishi Smart C

For Monday it’s “Start your week right! Here’s a refreshing immunity boost, alright!”.

Oishi Smart C

I’ve been buying Oishi Smart C juice drinks since hubby and I discovered them in the supermarket over a year ago. I really like how they’re light, thirst-quenching, and not overly sweet. There are three refreshing flavors: Pomelo Grapefruit, Orange Crush, and Lemon Squeeze. Other juices leave me feeling even more thirsty prior to drinking but not this one! 😀

Oishi Smart C
My personal favorite is Orange Crush. The rest of the family prefers Lemon Squeeze. 🙂
Oishi Smart C

Each bottle contains 500mg of Vitamin C, equivalent to either 8 oranges / 4 large-sized grapefruits / 11 medium-sized lemons.

I usually get 300ml bottles and each cost around P13+. I’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite some time now but the juices never stay in our refrigerator for long because everyone here can’t resist drinking right away, haha!
Thank you Oishi for the Smart C delivery! 😀
Oishi Smart C is available at all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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