Nuat Thai Libis Review

Hubby and I trooped to Nuat Thai Libis for a much needed break last June 27, 2011. He had been bugging me about a spa trip some weeks before because we’ve been feeling really tired lately.

Nuat Thai Libis ReviewWe stepped into the reception area where I perused their menu of services. The photo above was taken from the Nuat Thai Libis FB Page. We went during the evening so it was really really dim and quite difficult to take nice photos. We finally settled on Nuat Thai Foot Massage (P250 for one hour) and Swedish Massage (P350 for 1 hour). I think people who know me know that I’m not really a massage fanatic so I originally wanted just 30 minutes for each but hubby said an hour each was better. I didn’t want to sit around and wait for him so an hour each service it was so we’d both finish at the same time. Please note that the Nuat Thai Foot Massage is their trademark service. 🙂

Nuat Thai Libis ReviewThe receptionist asked us to choose from three available scented massage oils: Lavender, Green Tea, and Eucalyptus. Hubby and I both picked Green Tea.

Nuat Thai Libis ReviewWe were to have the Nuat Thai Foot Massage first. It starts off with a foot washing and scrubbing session at this quaint area at the rear portion of the spa.
Nuat Thai Libis ReviewYou sit on the wooden bench while your feet are washed with warm water and an exfoliating scrub.
Nuat Thai Libis ReviewYour feet are toweled dry and you’re ushered into one of the rooms behind the curtains. Again I took this photo off the Nuat Thai Libis FB Page since mine came out all pitch black due to the darkness.

For the Nuat Thai Foot Massage, you go into a room with fully reclining lounge chairs. A hot pack was placed behind my neck and back, and then the therapist proceeded to really massage my feet and leg (up to my knees). You know, this is perfect for when I’m in one of my marathon shopping trips in Hong Kong where I walk from 10am to 10pm… hahaha! Hubby really enjoyed the Nuat Thai Foot Massage too. It’s especially nice if you’ve been standing, walking, or running a lot as it really soothes your leg muscles and your feet.

For the Swedish Massage, we transferred to individual rooms with a spa bed each. It’s the usual massage where the therapist works on your back and your whole body including your scalp. My only complaint is the oil they use which is pretty thick. It sort of sticks to you well after the session and you have this urge to take a bath but you’re too sleepy to do so… haha! Nothing major though, at least you end up smelling like a lovely cup of green tea.

Affordable services, courteous staff, and really good therapists make Nuat Thai Libis a place worth checking out. Although you can just walk in, calling to reserve your desired timeslot is recommended. 🙂

Nuat Thai Libis
2/F 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Libis, Quezon City (across Shopwise)

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