Navigating Metro Manila with a Garmin 255 GPS unit!

I drive myself everywhere. Whether it’s to school, the office, collection, or media events, I’m always driving. In fact, I have a Metro Manila CitiAtlas tucked in one of my car door’s pockets.

Garmin 255 GPS unit mounted on my windshieldHubby decided to get a Garmin 255 GPS unit from the US to try. We didn’t even know if we could actually load a decent Philippine map at the time, but we went for it anyway. That’s the Garmin 255 mounted right below my rear-view mirror.

Garmin 255 GPS unitLo and behold, it worked! In fact it worked a lot better than we expected. Soon we were discovering new shortcuts to old routes and passing through roads we never knew existed. We were definitely saving time and gas!

Garmin 255 GPS unitYou can even save your own favorite destinations into the unit, because not every single place in the Philippines is recorded there. I plotted SM Fairview when we passed by some time ago so now I can just pull up that destination any time and find the shortest route going there. Thus you’re continually updating the points of interest saved in your unit. The unit can hold several countries’ maps, but it also has an SD card slot in case you need to upload more. The Garmin 255 comes with a mount, a dashboard disc, and a lighter charger.

To give you a better idea of how it works, view the short video clip I took while navigating through San Juan City below:

You don’t have to subscribe to any service to get this to work because it gets location information from satellites located high above us. All you have to do is use it in a place that has a clear view of the open sky (such as your windshield or your dashboard) with no roof that could obstruct the satellite reception. Once you have the unit, the satellite services are free forever. :p

We’ve driven with the Garmin 255 from Metro Manila to Subic, Quezon, Laguna, and a few other nearby provinces. It also has a pedestrian mode so you can actually use it to navigate even if you’re just walking. 🙂

At the moment we have a few units of Garmin 255W (the widescreen version of our Garmin 255 with more features) on hand. This particular model can speak out street names too, so it’s more convenient for the driver since you don’t have to be always looking at the unit. Interested parties may email me at for information and pricing.

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