6 Key Elements of a Strong Personal Injury Case

When an accident happens, a lawyer’s help is invaluable. Without it compensation may be unachievable. Individuals interested in making claims (and getting compensation) need to ensure that they find the most qualified attorney that they can. However, a lawyer’s help isn’t the only thing personal injury cases need to be successful. There are very specific criteria personal injury cases need to have and follow in order for them to pay out. If you are making a claim for compensation, this post will offer a lawyer’s perspective on what things make a personal injury case strong.

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1. Professional Support

As mentioned earlier, without a lawyer’s support compensation can be hard to achieve. Unfortunately, a lot of people do try and mount legal cases and lawsuits without enlisting the help of an attorney. Such cases are seldom profitable. According to one law firm, Foyle Legal, which has Foyle Legal locations spread throughout Australia, professional representation is key. Once you have found a firm you think that you want to work with you can go ahead and read their reviews. A law firm’s reviews can tell you a lot about them.

2. Hard Evidence

When you are making claims for compensation, evidence is essential. Without hard evidence, it will be very difficult for you to make a claim. Very few attorneys will be willing to take on a client whose entire case is rooted in speculation. The best kind of evidence you can get for a personal injury lawsuit is photo or video. Photo or video evidence can be very hard to argue with. Insurance adjusters will try, but as long as you have a good lawyer there is very little they can do as far as reducing your claim amount goes.

3. Eyewitness Testimonies

Eyewitness testimonies are one of the best kinds of evidence you can have which is why they have their own section. Unfortunately though, supporting eyewitnesses can be hard to find. If a friend or loved one was in your car with you when you had your accident or was just with you generally regardless of where the accident took place, they can tell your attorney what happened. As long as you were not in the wrong and they tell the complete truth, their testimony could help you to win your claim for compensation.

4. Medical Certificate

Without a medical certificate attesting to your injuries, the chances of you getting compensation are slim to none. Very few insurance companies are going to pay you compensation of any kind until they have a written note from a doctor, verifying how your injuries occurred or explaining what they think happened. To get a medical certificate all you need to do is ask the doctor who saw you at the hospital or the doctor you usually see, as in your family physician, to write out a letter explaining the extent of your injuries. Having a medical certificate is good because it means you can then claim compensation in the future if you want to wait to make your claim.

5. Honest Account

If you are being dishonest in any way then you won’t get the highest amount of compensation and there is a chance the plane could be thrown out completely. Lying to your attorney when you give an account of what happened companies do not take lightly. In fact, most insurance companies hire investigators to look into the lives of people who’re making claims for compensation. If it transpires that you are lying or exaggerating then you will most likely be arrested for fraud and your personal injury claim will be totally dismissed. Once it has been dismissed you cannot make it again, ever.

6. Patience and Understanding

If you are making a claim for compensation then you need to be patient. Do not rush your lawyer or try to micromanage the case. If you do this, in all likelihood, they will dismiss you as a client and advise you to find another attorney to work with. Understand that you are not your lawyer’s only case. You need to be patient and understand that they have very busy lives and schedules. Only get in touch with your lawyer when you have something important to tell them or have a pressing question to ask. Lawyers need room to work. If you do have any questions for your lawyer, you can send them an email. Calling them wastes their time.

When claims for compensation are made, it is very important that your case possesses the things mentioned above. If it does not you might not win. Make sure that you hire the most qualified attorney you can so you have the best chance of winning.

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