The 3-Step Momopuri Skincare Regimen

A little over 2 weeks ago, I attended BCL Philippines’ virtual launch for Momopuri and Saborino. Momopuri is a Japanese peach-based skincare line. Saborino is a sheet mask which puts together 5 skincare steps in one product… thus touted as skincare made for the lazy girl. For this blog post, we’ll be talking about Momopuri.

Momopuri SkincareThe initial Momopuri collection consists of three (3) core products — Momopuri Cleansing Wash (P525), Momopuri Moisture Lotion (P625), and Momopuri Gel Cream (P895). Momopuri skincare products are formulated with peach ceramide water and lactobacillus blend to give you peachy plump skin. So let’s talk about this 3-step routine.

Momopuri SkincareStep 1: Cleansing with the Momopuri Cleansing Wash. You dispense a pea-sized amount and whisk it with water (kind of like the Kracie Naive Face Wash) until it foams to make a rich, fluffy lather. Gently apply on the face and rinse thoroughly. This facial wash makes my skin feel smooth and clean without the drying feeling most cleansers leave. I love it! The yummy fresh peach scent is quite uplifting too. It’s alcohol-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free so it’s all good.

Momopuri SkincareStep 2: Toning with the Momopuri Moisture Lotion. Lotion is the equivalent of toner in Japanese skincare. I apply this all over my face with my fingers after washing. It’s refereshing and since it’s alcohol-free, there’s no stinging sensation. This is actually a moisturizing lotion infused with lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramides. It gives skin a fresh, dewy finish. I’m so used to using toner after washing my face that I can’t skip it.

Momopuri SkincareStep 3: Moisturize with Momopuri Gel Cream. A pearl-sized amount of this gel cream actually contains 80 billion lactobacilli. This is the final all-in-one step that will get you skin that’s firm, plump, and juicy as a peach! I apply this rather generously all over my face. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on at my age (40s), it’s moisture. When you get older, your skin tends to get drier so always always moisturize!

Momopuri SkincareSo my cam’s selfie monitor broke and I’m blindly taking selfies these days. Pardon the dark undereye circles (I blame the K-Drama series Flower of Evil for this!) but this is how my skin looks after I cleanse, tone, and moisturize with Momopuri. I’ve been using this for over a week now and so far so good. I haven’t experienced any adverse effects like breakouts. This 3-step routine also leaves my skin sufficiently moisturized (for now, I usually need more moisture come November to February). Oh but I have a 4th step I can’t skip — eye cream. I use a different brand of eye cream along with these products (that’s why I don’t have crow’s feet lol!).

If you’re younger than me (20’s, 30’s) I’d say these 3 steps (sorry, 4 because you really need eye cream) might be enough for you. There are really no stringent rules when it comes to skincare… they key lies in knowing what your skin needs. I don’t have a strict regimen because I’m always adjusting to what my skin needs. If I feel I need a more intense cocktail, I use a mask. If my skin feels drier than normal, I switch to more moisturizing products. Momopuri is a moisturizing line that’s good for dry, sensitive, normal, or combination skin. The entire routine is just around P2k so it’s quite economical. I estimate the products will last around 3 months with daily use morning and night.

Momopuri is available at the Beautybox Flagship Store on Lazada.

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    I like Japanese products. Is this ok for a 40 year old like me? Thank you

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