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We’ve always wanted to enroll the kids in a serious swimming class. When hubby and I were in senior year back in high school, two of our batch mates drowned during an outing. It’s something our entire batch won’t ever forget and so I cannot stress enough what an important life skill knowing how to swim is. I’ve always had the Milo Sports Clinic in mind for this but never got around to finding a convenient location.

Milo Sports ClinicSince we weren’t going anywhere this summer, I finally had the chance to enroll our kids at a Milo Sports Clinic for swimming. It was timely because Milo is currently an advertiser on my blog. They sponsored one child while we paid for the other. I visited the Milo website prior so I could choose the venue that was most convenient for us. We settled for Crowne 88 Condominium in Quezon City (it’s located near Timog Avenue).

Milo Sports ClinicUpon arriving at the venue, I was asked to fill up registration forms for our two children. Both are MILO drinkers by the way — they like it cold without sugar.

Milo Sports ClinicThe kids were assessed on the first day.

Milo Sports ClinicOur son had no problem crossing from one end of the pool to the other despite the fact that it was technically his first formal swimming lesson.

Milo Sports ClinicOur daughter had to be taught breathing first. The coach asked me is she has a phobia and I said no, she’s just not used to not wearing her life vest.

Milo Sports ClinicShe was taught how to kick and paddle too.

Milo Sports ClinicOur son was promoted to the advanced class the next day and was asked to stay at the deep end of the pool which was around 6 feet.

Again, he had no problem doing laps. He learned how to swim Freestyle shortly after. By the end of the second day, he could float on his back already.

Milo Sports ClinicIn this particular Milo Sports Clinic, each session can accommodate up to 12 students and there are three coaches. The kids were divided into three groups: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our daughter is in the Beginner group while our son is in the Advanced group.

Milo Sports ClinicBy the third day our son was already being taught the backstroke.

Today’s their fifth day at the Milo Sports Clinic. Our son was already being taught the butterfly stroke earlier this morning. I’m very happy with his progress. Our daughter is currently being taught how to swim. She said she is not that afraid of the water anymore. I hope by the time she completes her course she’ll be able to swim on her own.

Swimming lessons are conducted for one hour everyday from Monday to Friday, it’s up to you to choose the time slot and there are three available for this particular Milo Sports Clinic. They have 5 batches for this summer and my kids are part of the 2nd batch. Each batch gets ten classes for one hour daily from Monday to Friday. The price for enrollment is P4,000 per child.

I like this venue because the swimming pool area is partially shaded by a roof and a wall so it’s not as hot and I don’t need to worry as much about sunburn (although I still apply sunscreen on the kids religiously). The coaches are very knowledgeable and patient too.

If you would like to enroll in this exact clinic, you may contact:

Joy Ong (Swimtech Operator)
Milo Summer Sports Clinics
0917-7151229 / 502-8411

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