MEGA Magazine Launch — and now, back to regular programming…

I had a little chat with a representative of MEGA Magazine / Events 100. She apologized for what happened at the MEGA Magazine Launch last May 11, 2010.

Here are a couple of clarifications:
  • Events 100 is not really a PR agency, it’s MEGA Publishing’s events department. I received an invitation from them before for Astoria’s anniversary party (which I had to decline), so I guess they do outside events from time to time.
  • The person who invited us was not present at the event, although we did RSVP to the person indicated on the invitation. The one who invited us and the one we RSVP’d to are not the same person, but they are colleagues, both working at MEGA and Events 100.
By blogging about my bad experience instead of the event itself, I know I run the risk of being perceived as someone who’s trying to get attention or KSP – Kulang Sa Pansin. The thing is, I’ve been on both sides of the fence, having attended events as a blogger and as a writer for the magazines I contribute to.
To put it simply I was offended for being treated like a gatecrasher, just as any self-respecting person would have been. If some people think that constitutes seeking VIP treatment, then that is their opinion. If some people think that it’s funny, they can by all means laugh themselves to a stupor. If some think that it’s okay to be disrespected, then they can grin and bear it. You can’t please everyone no matter what you say or do anyway.
I’ve agreed to meet up with MEGA / Events 100’s representative and listen to their side of the story, which I will also post as soon as we get our schedules sorted out. Believe me, I’m all ears.
UPDATE: We’re meeting with the MEGA people next week. Will keep everyone posted.
And now, back to regular programming…
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