Losing weight and keeping it off with Marie France!

Model and former beauty queen Precious Lara Quigaman is the latest celebrity to lose unwanted pounds at Marie France. She gained weight when she got pregnant and gave birth to her first baby.

Precious Lara Quigaman for Marie France

Check it out! I have personally experienced what Marie France can do for you so I don’t need any more convincing. Seeing how svelte Lara is though reminded me that I still need to lose at least 10 lbs more, lol.

Animetric's 15 lb difference

I have my own version of this. I used to be almost 160 lbs and I lost the first 15 lbs at Marie France after 100 days. I would go on to lose several pounds more so to date I’ve lost over 20 lbs. Marie France jumpstarted my journey to a slimmer me and I lost the main bulk of my excess weight with them.

Marie France in Eastwood City

So anyhow, exactly one year after my last time at Marie France, I was invited to experience one of the newer treatments. I went into my assigned room and found a robe, slippers, a pillow…

Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar

Wow, it looked every bit like a day of pampering! You really get treated like a queen at Marie France.

Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar

Before anything else I was asked to weigh in, something that always makes me nervous because after all this time, I am still afraid of what I will read. Surprise surprise, I weighed the same as I did one year ago. I maintained what I lost simply by applying everything I had learned from my consultations with the doctors at Marie France. I had no diet or exercise program in the past year. All I did was eat sensibly.

Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar

Thus without further ado it was decided that I would try Marie France’s SlenderArm Tripollar Treatment. This is the machine that was going to be used. Kind of imposing, yes?

Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar

My arms were measured and marked with a pentel pen so that they could zero in on the exact area to be treated.

Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar
This is how SlenderArm Tripollar works.
Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar
This is the kind of result you can expect from SlenderArm Tripollar.
Marie France SlenderArm Tripollar

Both my arms got treated that day. It’s a non-invasive, non-painful treatment. All you feel are tiny pinpricks and pulses. Your arms are measured before and after so you can see the difference. You can also have Tripollar treatment on other areas of the body like the tummy. I think that’s what I really need because the consultant told me I had quite a bit of loose skin in the abdominal area. I guess losing 20+ lbs can do that.

Do you need to lose weight? Marie France guarantees that you will or give you your money back! Call 894-BODY (2639) for a free consultation.

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