L’oreal Professionnel Diarichesse + Mythic Oil Blow-Dry at Freshaire Salon!

Last June 14, I tried out L’oreal Professionnel and Freshaire Salon’s Color & Style promo courtesy of L’oreal Professionnel. We were instructed to proceed to Freshaire Salon’s Market! Market! branch.

Freshaire Salon at Market! Market!

Freshaire Salon and I go way back because during my college days when rebonding was virtually non-existent, I would have my hair straightened regularly at the original Freshaire barber shop along Timog Avenue. Yes, Freshaire was a barber shop and barbers were the ones who’d do the straightening service. It was a common sight to have more female than male customers at Freshaire at any given time. Freshaire was practically legendary prior to the advent of rebonding.

Freshaire Salon in Market! Market!

Freshaire has since evolved into a full-fledged salon so it’s no longer just a barber shop which offers straightening. You can now enjoy a full range of treatments and services like precision cutting, styling, coloring, rebonding, perming, manicure, pedicure, etc.

L'oreal Professionnel and Freshaire Salon at Market! Market!

Anyhow, Freshaire Salon has an ongoing promo right now. You can have your hair colored with L’oreal INOA, Majirel, or Diarichesse, or have it rebonded with L’oreal X-tenso Moisturist, and/or avail of the Mythic Oil Blow-Dry service for 10% off the list prices until July 31, 2012.

Freshaire Salon at Market! Market!

Since I just had my hair rebonded via L’oreal’s Shine Bond service three weeks before June 14, L’oreal recommended that I avail of Diarichesse, a semi-permanent coloring service that’s kind of like cellophane in that it provides superior shine and only a subtle change in color. My hair would then be styled with the Mythic Oil Blow-Dry afterwards. Notice that my hair is light brown when I started the Diarichesse service. It took me something like 4 at-home DIY coloring sessions to achieve that lightness because my original hair color is a really dark black. I told the stylist I just wanted to either maintain or lighten my hair color plus get rid of the grays.

Freshaire Salon at Market! Market!

The stylist wanted me to get Iced Chestnut but it looked so dark I asked her to pick a lighter shade. We ended up with Mahogany Brown, a purple-brown hue. I had misgivings since it still looked dark but she told me that in order to cover grays you really have to choose darker shades.

L'oreal Diarichesse at Freshaire Salon at Market! Market!
Freshaire Salon in Market! Market!

Um… okay… after the color was rinsed out and I had the Mythic Oil Blow-Dry, I was shocked to find that my hair was now a deep dark purple black. BUT it was super shiny. Hahaha! The owner of Freshaire Salon was very apologetic as she heard me telling the stylist I wanted to either maintain or lighten my hair color. Anyhow, she told me to go back for another complimentary session so I can achieve the color I really want. I told her that it was okay, at least I can have a fresh start… no white strands and a perfectly even color all over my head.

L'oreal Diarichesse Mythic Oil Blow-Dry results

Here’s what I liked about L’oreal Diarichesse + Mythic Oil Blow-Dry:

  • My hair was really incredibly shiny and soft. I don’t think I’ve ever had better hair texture than after those treatments.
  • All my white strands were gone… as in all. I looked under, over, at the sides… not a single white strand was left. I actually felt like Snow White because my hair was so dark and my face was so white. XD
  • The softness and shine lasted for a while… two weeks to be exact, because after two weeks I really wanted to go light so I used another at home coloring kit which basically stripped off the luminous coating. I think I need my own bottle of Mythic Oil to revitalize my hair, haha!
  • The two treatments are good for rebonded and over-processed hair like mine.

Downside? The dark color I ended up with, hahaha! But I think that can be remedied by choosing a lighter shade.

A L’oreal Diarichesse coloring service for hair length like mine would cost around P1,450 at Freshaire Salon while Mythic Oil Blow-Dry is pegged at P405. If you avail of both services you’ll spend around P1,700 total thanks to the promotional discount. You can actually do the Mythic Oil Blow-Dry at home by purchasing a bottle of Mythic Oil from Freshaire Salon and other L’oreal partner salons for P995.

Freshaire Salon
2/F Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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