Liberation Shawarma at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall

I want to try every single food stall at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall. No joke. So last Sunday was the perfect opportunity to go back because my kids were Easter egg hunting at Century City Mall’s Eggventure Island. So we opted to get lunch from Liberation Shawarma.

Liberation ShawarmaBoth my children wanted to order at Bad Bird but the line was soooo long I told them to just go with me to try Liberation Shawarma. There was a line at pretty much all the stalls, it was just a matter of choosing a more manageable one.

Liberation ShawarmaCheck out that giant um… hunk of beef roasting in its juices… *drool*

Liberation ShawarmaAt Liberation Shawarma, you have a choice between two sauces to spice up your order: Shatta Sauce (hot sauce) and Toum Sauce (citrusy sauce). We all opted for Toum to go with our orders.

Liberation ShawarmaWhite Fries + Dip (P110)

Anyhow we started off with some White Fries + Dip. White Fries are seasoned with white cheddar cheese and lemon zest. You get a dip of your choice called Dipita to go with it. Dipitas cost P50 each if ordered ala carte and there are 5 variants:

  • Hummus (Mashed Chickpeas)
  • Baba Ganoush (Mashed Smoky Eggplant)
  • Funky Cheese
  • Bell Pepper Yogurt
  • Tabouleh (Veggies in Herbs, Olive Oil, Cumin)

You can order Pita and Dip sets too — 1 Pita + 1 Dip (P80) or 3 Pitas + 2 Dips (P210). Anyhow we chose Bell Pepper Yogurt to go with our White Fries as per their chef’s recommendation. The White Fries + Dip is pretty good! It was the first dish to be finished on our table.

Liberation ShawarmaSpiced Fries + Dip (P110)

We also ordered Spiced Fries + Dip. This time we chose the Funky Cheese dip, also upon the chef’s recommendation. These fries taste exactly like their shawarma, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Suffice to say we liked the White Fries + Dip better than this one.

Liberation ShawarmaBeef Shawarma with Rice (P270)

My daughter, ever the rice eater, opted for Beef Shawarma with Rice. Both the beef and the rice are heavily seasoned with what I’m guessing are the same 8 spices they used on the fries. It seemed to be a mix of curry, cinnamon, nutmeg, and several others. The taste was overwhelming as both the meat and rice were practically covered with spices. Some creamy yet citrusy Toum sauce is drizzled all over the beef and rice to complement the strong flavors. Initially my daughter liked it but a few spoonfuls later she started to feel overwhelmed and could not finish her meal. There is such a thing as over seasoning and this dish is over seasoned to the nth level. They use really good quality beef but you don’t taste or smell the beef anymore because it’s totally covered and drenched with spices.

Liberation ShawarmaBeef Shawarma with Pita (P250)

My son and I both settled for Beef Shawarma with Pita, which was slightly better than the rice version as the thick and crusty pita bread was not seasoned. It’s served with some slices of pickled radish and cucumber. My verdict remains the same: the beef pieces although of good quality, are over seasoned. I can’t enjoy the beef anymore as I feel like I’m eating spoonfuls of spices with every bite.

While I’d still go back to try the Salads and maybe the Chickpea Shawarma next time, I am definitely staying away from all the above save for the White Fries + Dip. I kinda wish they would offer an unseasoned version of their Beef Shawarma though because their beef is of really good quality.

Liberation Shawarma @ Hole in the Wall
4/F Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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