Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop at Century City Mall

I’m really a dessert kind of person at heart and so for my second Hole In The Wall feature, I’m posting about Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop. Sometime ago I blogged about Green Cheese, a neighboring dessert place.

Scout's HonorYou’ll never miss Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop because it’s located right by Hole In The Wall’s entrance. It’s by Chef Miko Aspiras who I remember most for his dessert creation at Magnum Cafe. At Scout’s Honor, you can either buy Chef Miko’s existing cookie creations (cookies like Matcha Sesame, S’mores Tag Alongs, Citrus Sunshine, etc.) or craft your own. I chose to craft my own. Crafting your own custom cookie costs P100. But you can avail of more economical sets:

  • Craft One – 1 cookie + 1 milk / latte / cappuccino (P200)
  • Craft Two – 2 cookies + 1 milk / latte / cappuccino (P290)

Scout's HonorWhen crafting your own cookie the first step is to choose the mother dough. There are 6 kinds: Basic Chewy Cookie, Double Chocolate Fudge, Molasses Oatmeal Cookie, Vegan Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie (No Sugar Added), and Herbed Shortbread Cookie. I had 2 cookies made the first time and I opted for Basic Chewy Cookie and Molasses Oatmeal Cookie. Can’t decide? You can make one cookie using 2 types of dough (Example Half Molasses Oatmeal and Half Double Chocolate Fudge). Think of it as a 2-faced cookie, lol!

Scout's HonorAfter choosing the dough, you get to choose 3 different toppings. Oh my, this is the part that gets even more confusing because there are maybe 20 different things you can put on your cookie including cream cheese, bacon, dried mangoes, cranberries, KitKat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, pretzels, marshmallows, Oreos, etc.

Scout's HonorAnyhow, for my 2 cookies, I opted for:

  1. Basic Chewy Cookie + Cream Cheese + Cranberries + Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Molasses and Oatmeal Cookie + Cream Cheese + Cranberries + Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Scout's HonorI love that Scout’s Honor doesn’t skimp on ingredients. They really pile on the toppings! The dough is portioned by weight so you get the same mass every time you get a Craft Cookie.

Scout's HonorThis is my first cookie! It’s ready to go into the oven where it will bake for 8 minutes.

Scout's HonorThis is my second cookie! It’s almost the same as the first, only the dough is different.

Scout's HonorAfter 8 minutes, I went back to claim my cookies. They’re served with a spoon because they’re super warm and chewy and kind of gooey. Freshly baked goodness best eaten with a spoon! I had a bite and then took them home. OMG. Sooooo incredibly moist and chewy and just about everything I dream of in a cookie.

Scout's HonorI went back maybe a couple of weeks after and bought the Craft One because I wanted to try their flavored fresh milk which costs P120 a bottle. Since the Craft Set is P200, I saved 20 pesos. This time I opted for One half Basic Chewy Cookie, One half Molasses Oatmeal Cookie + Cream Cheese, Bacon, and Cranberries. OMG. It’s even better than my first 2 cookies because it’s less sweet. The bacon adds a nice smoky savory flavor that works so well with the chewy dough, cream cheese, and cranberries. For my bottle of fresh milk, I chose Bamboo Charcoal. The super black color scared me but when I tasted it, what do you know it tasted EXACTLY like fresh milk (in other words no flavor). I wonder if it’s the same for the other milk flavors like Horlicks (the bestseller) or Salted Caramel. There were so many flavors if I could drink more than a bottle I would’ve, lol! Anyhow, the cold milk goes so well with the warm cookie. Love it!!!

Scout’s Honor offers tins of cookies for gifting and giveaways too! I’m considering giving out Scout’s Honor GCs to friends so they can craft their own cookies for Christmas.

Scout’s Honor
Hole in the Wall Food Hall
4/F Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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