K-Drama Faves: Law School

Law School is the 71st K-Drama Series I watched. It was what played when I pressed “Play Something” on Netflix. It’s easily one of the best series I’ve seen this year and I highly recommend it if you want more plot and character development but not necessarily romance. It’s more of a courtroom drama set in Hankuk University Law School.

Law SchoolLaw School opens with the mysterious death of Professor Seo within Hankuk University Law School’s premises. Everyone becomes a suspect — both students and faculty members alike. For some reason the police close in quickly at Professor Yang as the perpetrator and move to arrest him.

Law SchoolProfessor Yang denies all charges and his students Kang Sol and Joon Hwi take it upon themselves to investigate Professor Seo’s death further to help Professor Yang clear his name. Kang Sol and Joon Hwi end up following a trail of seemingly random yet related events. They encounter what appear to be bribery, homicide, and fraud along the way.

Law School K-DramaWhatever the real story is, it takes everything Kang Sol and Joon Hwi learned in law school to uncover the truth and eventually expose who is truly responsible for Professor Seo’s death.

Law SchoolOMG… I watched Law School with my daughter and it was SO GOOD. First of all, the setting is just too awesome — it had me wishing I could be a student again and study in such a breathtakingly beautiful university. There’s nothing like a good murder mystery to keep things interesting and Law School does just that. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger which just makes you want to watch the next one ASAP. I also love how the characters are so real and relatable. I can’t imagine any other actor aside from Kim Myung-min playing the forever stoic Professor Yang. The portrayal is just too perfect. I also appreciated how they didn’t force the romance and tackled many other issues (domestic violence among them) from the Korean law’s perspective.

Law SchoolThe OST also serves to heighten the suspense and the revelations throughout the series. Everything just falls into place, like pieces of Professor Yang’s puzzles.

I admit I might not have started this had Netflix not “picked” it for me via the “Play Something” mode. But judging from how much I loved this drama, I might just be clicking on it more often.

I liked seeing Ryu Hye-young onscreen again, as the last time I watched her was in Reply 1988. Kim Bum really impressed me with his acting in Tale of the Nine Tailed so I was also happy that he was in this drama.

Law School is available on Netflix.

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