KFC Crispy Butter Chicken

During one of the rare occasions when I attended a cooking workshop, the facilitating chef told me that the shortcut to instantly better and richer tasting food is butter. I guess this is why French cuisine is loaded with butter, lol. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about cooking or French food.

KFC Crispy Butter ChickenI got a surprise delivery from KFC some time ago. It’s their newest chicken variant — KFC Crispy Butter Chicken! It arrived during lunch time and it was still hot! What perfect timing!

KFC Crispy Butter ChickenI opened the bucket right away. The scent of movie theater buttered popcorn wafted out. I wasted no time in biting into a piece. It was really, really crispy — just the way I like my fried chicken! I was expecting the batter to be soggy because of the butter but it’s not, it’s as crunchy as a potato chip. KFC’s original recipe chicken is kind of soft outside, which is why I always order the Hot & Crispy variant. Thank goodness I can finally have crispy KFC chicken without having to resort to the spicy kind! For some reason, the taste reminded me of movie theater buttered popcorn. Parang chichiriya lol. It comes with KFC’s trademark gravy.

I wish KFC would come up with Original & Crispy, lol! Up until now, when it comes to flavor, the original recipe still has my tastebuds’ vote. I order the other variants because the fact that I like my fried chicken crispy still trumps all other factors.

KFC Crispy Butter ChickenWhat do you know, KFC Crispy Butter Chicken comes with butter rice.

KFC Crispy Butter ChickenKFC now has mashed potatoes topped with buttered corn too!

A one-piece KFC Crispy Butter Chicken with rice costs P99. It’s now available at all KFC branches nationwide.

Have you tried the KFC Crispy Butter Chicken?

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