JCo Eastwood City now open 24 hours!

Good news JCo-holics… starting today, JCo Donuts and Coffee in Eastwood City will be open 24/7! Incidentally, JCo Eastwood City is the biggest and most spacious store yet.

JCO Eastwood CityI attended the grand opening of J.Co Donuts at the Eastwood Mall earlier today.

JCO Eastwood CityIt was a fun-filled and interactive event. W were told that we would get to make our own JCo donuts!

JCO Eastwood CityWe were shown a brief demo of how to make J.Co’s three most popular donuts –Al Capone, Oreology, and Green Tease.

JCO Eastwood CityThe steps were also shown on large LCD screens.

JCo Eastwood CityAfterwards we had to don gloves and make ’em ourselves. The best designed donuts would win a year’s supply of J.Co donuts!

JCo Eastwood CityAnyhow, here are my donuts. I didn’t win. Hahaha.

JCo Eastwood CityWe also got to make our own drinks.

JCo Eastwood CityEveryone got a chance to make donuts and craft beverages.

JCO Eastwood
Then I went on to tour donut land!

JCo Eastwood CityNew additions to the J.Co family include Creme La Fame, a creme brulee donut! I had a bite and the caramel lines on the cream topping reminded me of the syrup that came with the Kobe Pudding that Mrs. Martinez got me from Japan… hehe!

JCo Eastwood CityLast but not least, there’s Jcoccino, a chocolate and cappuccino donut. Donuts and coffee, literally!

JCo Eastwood CityI also tried JCo’s Mix Berry Frappe for the first time. It tasted like a yogurt and berries blended together so it was more tart than sweet.

JCo Eastwood CityI just had to have one whole Why Nut to myself. It’s probably my favorite J.Co donut along with Heaven Berry.

JCo Eastwood CityThen I had a small cup of J.Cool frozen yogurt.

JCo Eastwood CityYay! JCo-holics, insomniacs, and night owls unite… now you can get your J.Co fix in the middle of the night till the wee hours of the morning at J.Co Eastwood! It’s located on the same side as Cookbook Kitchen, Ramen Bar, and Marks & Spencer. Since it’s 24/7, the entrance is facing the street.

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