Inasal Republic in Quezon City

When we got invited to try out Inasal Republic in the Banawe area last Feb. 19, I wasn’t really expecting too much. I was thinking it’s probably just like every other Inasal place on the block serving chicken and pork barbecue with rice.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityI ordered Bangus Half Meal (P89, pictured above) for my 6-year old daughter. Amazingly, she finished the whole order. The fish is boneless and flavorful, you don’t need to dip it in vinegar, soy sauce, or whatever because it’s already good as it is.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityI decided to try Sago at Gulaman (P35, pictured above). I’ve always been mystified by this classic Filipino drink, so much so that I even dared to ask the cashier at Goldilocks before as to what’s in it. “Miss, ano laman ng sago’t gulaman?” I asked. My hubby, who was beside me, and the cashier looked at me incredulously as if I had suddenly grown wings and a second head. “Sago’t gulaman,” she answered. Sorry, until that time, I have never had Sago’t Gulaman so I really didn’t know. I thought there’d be milk and other stuff but it’s really just sweetened water with the essence of pandan, tapioca balls, and gelatin cubes. So that’s how this particular one is.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityHubby decided to go for Pa-a Meal (P99, pictured above), which is chicken thigh with rice. Since I’m not really fond of chicken I didn’t bother getting a taste. Hubby said it’s pretty good.
Inasal Republic Quezon CityI had the Liempo Meal (P99, pictured above). I was really amazed by how delicious the liempo was. There was actually more meat than fat and what little fat it had was toasted to a crisp so that it’s juicy and crunchy at the same time when you chew on it. The sweet savory barbecue sauce is just perfect. It’s sooo good.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityWe had Kansi (P135, pictured above) for sharing. It’s a beef-based soup that is a bit on the sour side. Kind of like a hybrid between Sinigang and Nilaga. I liked it a lot even if I don’t really care for Bulalo. 🙂

Inasal Republic Quezon CityWe also had Ensaladang Talong at Bagoong (P45, pictured above) which is Eggplant and Shrimp Paste Salad. We mixed it all together and it had a fresh savory taste that was great for refreshing the palate or getting rid of umay.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityPancit Canton (P90, pictured above) was another big hit with the group. I’m not really a pancit person though so I gave it a miss.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityOf course, no trip to a place like this is complete without ordering Pork Sisig w/ Egg (P142, pictured above). Pretty nice, but I still prefer the crunchy sisig of Dencio’s.

Inasal Republic Quezon CityI also sampled a spoonful of Laing sa Buco (P90, pictured above). It’s kind of sweet, I prefer Laing on the spicy side. 🙂

Inasal Republic Quezon CityFor dessert, I opted for Buco Pandan (P45, pictured above). I enjoyed it not because it’s the best Buco Pandan I’ve tasted, but because there was very little coconut hahaha! I actually like my Buco Pandan with minimal coconut strings so this is good for me. That aside, it’s actually very creamy.

Although Inasal Republic is generally an open-air al fresco dining establishment, they do have a couple of air-conditioned function rooms you can reserve. I suggest bringing anti-mosquito protection though. My daughter had her Para Kito bracelet on the whole time and she didn’t have a single bite afterwards. Meanwhile, us adults used Moskigo patches which are just as effective.

Inasal Republic just goes to show that good food need not be expensive. 😀

Inasal Republic
#86 Maria Clara St.,
Quezon City (near Banawe area)

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