How to use the Lazada Bonus

Every double digit sale (10.10 right now), Lazada comes out with the Lazada Bonus. At first I didn’t really understand how it worked. I was accumulating over a thousand pesos worth but sale days would just go by with the bonuses unused. I sat down with it one time and I’m happy to day I’ve figured it out. In fact, I can now say that I’ve mastered the art of voucher-stacking at Lazada. I know a lot are still struggling so I’ve come up with an easy to understand guide to the Lazada Bonus.

Lazada BonusEvery Lazada double-digit sale, you can stack vouchers for up to 6x. Above are the types of vouchers you can stack. If you’ve checked my Lazada Sulit Sweldo Sale tutorial, this works in a similar fashion but with the addition of the Lazada Bonus. Anyhow, here are some tips:

  1. You cannot apply what you do not claim. You have to go around the Lazada app and collect vouchers because they just pop up while you’re browsing. Go around the app and just keep clicking COLLECT when you see vouchers. This time though, you have to keep an eye out for the collectible Lazada Bonus which can pop up anywhere — the main page, participating stores, the Vouchers section, or even your Account page under Lazada Bonus. You can start voucher hunting at
  2. Lazada Bonuses are STACKABLE. So let’s say you’ve collected ₱1,000 worth and you’ve found a store with purple signs that say Bonus ₱50 off every ₱500. If you’re buying an item worth ₱10,000, you can use the entire ₱1,000 collected bonus on the item — getting you an additional 1k off on top of the sale price, free shipping, Lazada platform voucher (if you were able to collect), cashback, and so forth.
  3. Click the Account icon on the lower right hand corner. This will lead to your account page. You will see an icon for Vouchers. There are more vouchers to collect there. You can also see how much Lazada Bonus you’ve accumulated here. On the same Account page, click the PINK Cashback icon. At Lazada, you have to “withdraw” your cashback before you can use it. You can only use your cashback to get additional discount from your transaction after you have withdrawn it. Withdraw only when you will use it because after withdrawal the cashback will expire in 2 days. If you do not withdraw, it just accumulates and does not expire.
  4. Look for the purple Bonus ₱50 off every ₱500 label when browsing for items. This means the item is qualified for additional discount via the Lazada Bonus for the sale period. You will be able to use all the Lazada Bonus you’ve collected.

Lazada BonusOkay so here’s an example. Every sale, I always make it a point to look for discounted KF94 masks from Korea. I usually end up buying from Lazada when there’s Lazada Bonus and free shipping. Anyhow, I found a Korea-based seller selling super discounted Good Manner 2D KF94 masks. Now this particular seller, apart from having the lowest price, also accomodates Lazada Bonus vouchers. What I did was order ₱500 worth of masks so I can get additional ₱50 off. I was able to use my Lazada coins too (it automatically appears if seller accommodates) and Free Shipping. I ended up paying less than ₱500 for 25 good quality masks! Had I bought ₱1,000 worth of masks I could have gotten extra ₱200 off with the MAYA1010 voucher code then using my Maya virtual card to pay.

So there you go… good luck getting the best deals! The Lazada Sulit Sweldo Sale is ongoing from Sept 28-30, 2022. Start exploring at

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