Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts!

I only recently discovered the new “in” food which is cookie butter (think peanut butter but replace peanuts with cookies). While I wasn’t so impressed by Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, I was blown away by Biscoff Spread.

Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts

Guess what I found waiting for me at home earlier today? OMG, Cookie Butter Donuts from Gonuts Donuts!!!

Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts

Needless to say, I wasted no time opening a box. The summer heat is soooo um… scorching hot that it sort off melted the design off my donuts. Nevertheless, cookie butter is cookie butter in whatever shape or form so it’s all good! Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts are basically the original glazed donuts topped with a dollop of gooey creamy cookie butter.

Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts

I grabbed one immediately. Soft and chewy donuts are generously blanketed in cookie butter. I was expecting it to taste just like Speculoos but it’s more gingerbread-like somehow. Definitely better than what’s inside my jar of Speculoos.

Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts

Ah, I knew the donuts would not survive the summer heat for too long because they were getting melty so I popped the boxes into the refrigerator and hoped for the best. All my jars of cookie butter has “Please do not refrigerate” written in bold letters but I felt I had no choice. Come dinner time, I took out a box for dessert. The cookie butter topping had frosted over.

Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts

My son and I tried some and well, we thought it tasted even better when it was cold and not drippy. Still chewy, still gingerbread-like, but a lot less messy. See how thick the coating of cookie butter is! It did not harden with refrigeration, it just solidified enough to retain a chewy texture. It’s all good! If anything, the cold temperature seemed to cause the sweetness to mellow a bit.
I don’t know how much these donuts cost per piece but I’m guessing it’s along the lines of Gonuts Donuts’ premium donuts P36 price tag.
Gonuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donuts are available at Market! Market!, SM Mall of Asia, SM The Block, SM Makati, and Shopwise Arcade Araneta. If you can’t find the cookie butter, go for the donut… hehe!

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