Foldabots Toy Book 3 launch with K-Zone and Jomike Tejido!

I was invited to the launch of Jomike Tejido’s Foldabots Toy Book 3 last Nov. 7, 2010 at Powerbooks in Greenbelt.

Foldabots Toy Book 3 as seen in K-Zone MagazineFor the uninitiated, Foldabots are Philippine-themed DIY (Do-It-Yourself) robots which are assembled from cardboard cut-outs. You get one (1) Foldabot in every issue of K-Zone Magazine. My son is a K-Zone subscriber and this is actually one of the things he looks forward to every month. Foldabots were created by Jomike Tejido.

Kids participating in the Foldabots contestThe highlight of the book launch was the Foldabot-making contest, which came in two parts. The first one was the best assembly of the yellow Foldabot called Sundo (Sundo is “fetch” or “pick up” in English).

Jomike Tejido and the K-Zone TeamFoldabots creator Jomike Tejido (pictured above left) and the K-Zone Team were really hands on in the judging.

Winning Foldabot design

The second one was a design-your-own-foldabot contest, which is actually a drawing contest. The grand prize winner however, took it a step further and actually assembled part of his Foldabot in 3D (pictured above). It was a shoo-in for the top spot, and Jomike personally awarded the little boy who created it.

Book signing with Jomike TejidoAfter the event, Kuya Jomike (“kuya” is a Filipino term of respect for an older brother, similar to “gege” in Mandarin and “ahia” in Hokkien), as he is fondly referred to by his young fans, sat down to autograph books. There was a very long line.

Kuwago in Foldabots Toy Book 3Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside Foldabots Toy Book 3. This is Kuwago (“Owl” in English), a flying Foldabot.

Kuwago parts in Foldabots Toy Book 3These are the parts you need to assemble Kuwago, all you need in addition are scissors and glue. Just cut the parts out, fold along the dotted lines, and glue them all together to form the Foldabot. There are complete statistics and a list of powers and abilities printed on the bottom of the page too.

Foldabots Dark Ages Card GameThis particular volume includes Jomike Tejido’s latest creation: Dark Ages, a Foldabots collectible card / board game. Cards, game pieces, as well as a playing board are all found inside the book.

K-Zone Foldabots Toy Book 3Foldabots Toy Book 3 retails for P195 and is available at all leading bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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