First few days of the Nestle Fitnesse Challenge…

As I’ve mentioned some time ago, I’ve decided to take on the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge to complement my goal of reaching my ideal weight. Although the challenge details are on every box of Nestle Fitnesse, what it entails isn’t too clear for most people.

Nestle Fitnesse and Nestle Low Fat Milk

I have friends who actually thought that I was going to eat nothing but Nestle Fitnesse for two whole weeks, haha! Now that wouldn’t be balanced at all, would it? You can substitute one or two meals a day with 30g of Nestle Fitnesse and half a cup of low-fat milk, along with some fresh fruit. I normally just have it for breakfast, but if I’m expecting a heavy lunch or dinner I substitute it for breakfast and either lunch or dinner so I don’t overload on the calories and fat. Like one time when we were having dinner with friends at an eat-all-you-can place… I had Nestle Fitnesse + low fat milk for both breakfast and lunch. I like Nestle Low Fat Milk because even with 50% less fat compared to fresh milk it still tastes creamy so I don’t feel deprived.

Food portioning is really a key factor in weight management. I actually tried killing myself at the gym 5x a week for at least 90 minutes per session without adjusting my food consumption and well, after a month of doing so, I lost only a couple of pounds. You can’t eat like there’s no tomorrow and expect exercise alone to shave off all the weight you gain. Everything has to be in moderation.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Till next update!

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