My filler experience at Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic

Never say never. I’ve always said I wouldn’t do anything invasive in terms of beauty procedures. The occasional facial or diamond peel or some laser treatments here and there are usually enough for me. But lo and behold, last time I went to Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic, Dr. Kaycee Reyes asked me what my concerns were and I blurted out my dark undereye circles. She suggested injecting my undereye area with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. It sounded scary at first so I said no thanks, I’ll stick to the laser treatment I was there for.

Luminisce Skin and Laser ClinicShe asked me to think about it. One month later, I was back in Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic for my first ever injection-based aesthetic treatment. Patients can opt for two anesthetic options to suit their pain tolerance level. First is the topical anesthesia, second is the injectable local anesthesia which will make the procedure completely painless. What you see above is topical anesthesia slathered all over my undereye area to make the injection more bearable. I said no to the heavier injectable local anesthesia.

First of all, what is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler? It’s what aging people like me HUHUHU inject in their faces to plump up (or inflate if you will) areas which may have lost volume due to aging. Doc Kaycee said my dark undereye circles were made darker because my undereye area was sunken. She said she’d inject hyaluronic acid fillers to plump it up and diminish my dark undereye circles. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body so it’s non-toxic.

So anyway after the anesthesia set in, Doc Kaycee proceeded to inject my undereye area with hyaluronic acid fillers. It was PAINFUL. She told me I wouldn’t feel a thing if I had the injectable anesthesia. I have high tolerance for pain and I was squeezing the hell out of the stress ball they handed me. I appreciate that Doc Kaycee takes her time with the injections because she wants it done right. The whole injecting process lasted maybe an hour or more. You can see a difference immediately after.

Luminisce Skin and Laser ClinicThis is my photo AFTER the injections. I had injection marks which gradually turned into scabs on both sides of my face for several days.

Doc Kaycee handed me an after-care guide after the procedure. She also prescribed antibiotics so the filled area wouldn’t get infected. There are a lot of things you can’t do. Like you can’t really press on the injection site or bathe with hot water because the fillers are still very malleable at this stage. You don’t want to look deformed. So I was afraid to take off my makeup and wash or even touch my face. It’s also natural to have some swelling and bruising (I didn’t have any bruising but I had angry red injection marks which eventually turned to scabs). I had a dinner the next day so I was kind of worried. Two weeks is the length of time needed for the dermal fillers to fully set.

Le Petit SouffleDoc Kaycee told me I could wear makeup and covering the injection marks and swelling was a real challenge. I took out a stippling brush for the first time since makeup school and used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme which is a foundation product that’s thicker than all the BB Creams I normally use. Then I topped with Laneige Anti-Aging BB Cushion. That was just HOW MUCH coverage I needed one day after treatment. The photo above was the result of my foundation application and blending. I didn’t have to wear any concealer. Before the procedure, I usually slather on a lot of concealer on my undereye areas to hide the dark circles.

Luminisce Skin and Laser ClinicSo anyway here are before and after photos of my undereye areas. I have absolutely zero makeup in both photos. No foundation, BB Cream, concealer, or whatever. There’s marked improvement although my dark circles have not completely disappeared. For patients who want permanent removal of dark underye circles, Doc Kaycee recommends surgical options. Right now, it’s not something I’m willing to undergo. I told her I’m okay with improvement because it still means less time doing my makeup lol.

After the procedure, I find that it so much easier concealing dark undereye circles because they’re not deep and sunken. They say I look more well-rested nowadays.

The cost of this treatment at Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic depends on how much fillers need to be used. You can go for a consultation before you actually have it done. The hyaluronic acid fillers will gradually dissolve over time so you’ll need to do it again after a year to maintain the effect.

For more information about the treatments at Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic, log on to or check out Luminisce on Facebook. To inquire about hyaluronic fillers call 511-8500. Luminisce is located on the second floor of the Mercury Drug building on 32nd Street in BGC.

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  • Reply Dez June 5, 2016 at 9:17 am

    The results look amazing. 🙂 There really are some things that can’t be easily resolved with topical applications, glad to hear you’re happy with how your injection turned out. 🙂 I love hyaluronic acid, been a user of it for the last 4 years. How long before you can handle your undereye area like you used to (wash face vigorously, etc)?

    • Reply Rowena Wendy Lei June 5, 2016 at 9:22 am

      Thanks! Doc Kaycee said it takes 2 weeks for the fillers to permanently set — ahh I should include that piece of info in the post… thanks!

  • Reply Look younger NOW with Strip White! - Animetric's World March 17, 2018 at 10:15 am

    […] I hate it when people touch my face. That said, I’m not fond of facials or anything that requires people to do just that. No to facial massages, pricking, and all that other jazz. Would you believe that in my 43 years of existence I’ve probably visited a dermatologist less than 8x? Once was as a teenager. I had a HUGE cystic pimple on my nose that just wouldn’t go away. Somehow I ended up getting it cauterized by a dermatologist. The other 2x were when I tried some treatments at the House of Obagi. The last couple of times was when I tried getting a laser treatment and undereye fillers at Luminisce. […]

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  • Reply SkQuiaonza March 9, 2021 at 10:27 pm

    Hi Sis, how much is under eye filler in Luminisce?

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