Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Hong Kong!

During our Hong Kong trip last month, hubby and I decided to have dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao located in Times Square, Causeway Bay.

Crystal Jade Hong KongLike most restaurants in Hong Kong, Crystal Jade in Times Square isn’t a big place. There’s a queue during major mealtimes like lunch and dinner, but it’s pretty easy to get seats on off-peak hours. Since Crystal Jade here in the Philippines is always full, we decided to make a quick stop when we saw that we could be accommodated right away.

Crystal Jade Hong KongI decided to order La Mian with Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetable (HK$35 or P195, pictured above). I was shocked by how big it was when it was laid out on our table.

Crystal Jade Hong KongThe noodles were firm and chewy, unfortunately I found the dish to be bland and tasteless in general. I also couldn’t see, feel, and taste any pork. Perhaps if I had ordered some tasty viands or side dishes it would’ve been easier to eat this.
Crystal Jade Hong KongMeanwhile, hubby chose La Mian served with Double-boiled Chicken Soup (HK$48 or P269, pictured above). It was very good. We agreed that the Double-boiled Chicken Soup was one of the best soups we’ve had — ever.

Crystal Jade Hong KongThe rich amber color is indicative of its depth in terms of flavor. It tasted very clean and was a pleasure to sip. I could tell that they must’ve boiled the chicken for hours on end to achieve this level of goodness. I wish I had ordered this instead. :p

Crystal Jade Hong KongThe La Mian that accompanied the soup was the same perfectly al dente noodles I got with my order.

Crystal Jade Hong KongOf course, no visit to Crystal Jade is complete without an order of their famous Xiao Long Bao, or Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling (HK$28 or P158, pictured above). The dumpling wrapper was made of chewy steamed dough and filled with tasty ground pork and leeks with lots of soup inside. I made sure to lift the dumpling off the container carefully so I could put it on my Chinese spoon. This is to catch the soup when I bite into the dumpling. The Xiao Long Bao was good, but not so phenomenal as to make me queue up for an hour or more back home in the Philippines. I found the HK prices to be very fair though considering the serving sizes and the food quality.

If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong and want a bite to eat during off-peak hours, this is a good place to stop by. I’ll compare with Crystal Jade in Manila when the crowd thins out a bit. 🙂

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Shop B224, Times Square Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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